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    Default Need ideas....

    Let me share w/ you some simple background. I work part time from 1pm - 5pm outside the home, but my kids can go to work (home office 2 streets away from my own home) w/ me. Infact my two littlest do go to work w/ me. My husband was in a motorcycle accident in Dec 2009 he is still home and out of work. We have been doing t4ling since Jay.

    OK so here is what I need your ideas w/.

    Biggun (10 year old) starts his schooling at 8am and is usually done by 11 or 12pm. That includes his t4ling, bible and reading a chapter in a chapter book and writing a paragraph about what he read. Now here is my husbands complaint. My son sits at home w/ him from 1-5pm doing nothing! I can't do field trips cause I am at work. My son goes out to play, but usually only plays for about 30 minutes (everyone is in school) but the closer we get to summer the harder it is going to be too hot to send him out to play. So for the most part he sits around and watches tv most of the afternoon. My hubby wants him to do something but we are at a loss. We are praying my hubby will be back to work in the next 6 weeks. Oh and we school year round. Before when my hubby was working my son would come to work w/ me and just play w/ his 3 year old and 1 year old siblings. But he has been home for so long now when he came to work w/ me a few weeks ago, it was not a good out come. To much arguing and disagreeing for me at work.

    What would your recommend I do with my son? What could I have him do? He is NOT a strong reader, so asking him to read more then what he is now would be like a punishment.

    All ideas welcome!
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    We are fortunate that our local school district offers enrichment classes in the afternoon two days per week for homeschooling students. I too work part time (from home) so it's very important that my daughter has activities to enroll in. She also is in a community choir two afternoons per week doing the school year. We are not planning to sign her up for any activities this summer though, so will be in a situation similar to yours. I only have a girl, so I'm not very familiar with the types of stuff boys like to do. My daughter (age 12) has never been an avid reader and just this year has started choosing to read on her own occasionally without being asked to. Ever since we've moved into our new house (almost two years ago) we have not had a television. It is the best decision we've ever made! I think if you have lots of enriching opportunities at home (which I'm sure you do) such as art supplies, writing supplies, toys, games, hobbies, books, a pet, etc. your son will find things to do if you tell him electronics/tv are off limits except for during the time frame that you specifiy they are allowed. That's what we plan to do this summer. She can watch dvds and play video games of course, but only during a specified window, after her responsibilities are done. We have found that she's discovered an interest in creative writing and journaling and thankfully is starting to enjoy reading more. Good luck- I hope that your son discovers some new intrests!

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    I have a 9 and 7yo that pretty much go through the same thing. that is homeschool, having the time to just 'hang out' and get a hobby on your own. yes, even if it IS at home. society has taught us kids need to be constantly around other kids/doing something. my kids were unschooled for most of their younger years, until this year. This year they do get done (if focused) around 12 or 1pm. (they sleep in late). They will play video games, (they love to go around and search the net for good games), they have a penpal...would be nice if they wrote more, though, they go outside to play once in a while but, like you, it's just too hot. So they spend most of their time indoors.
    I get concerned a little too, but I think they will be fine. tv is not all bad, especially if you throw some educational shows in there like 'Drive Thru History' 'Mystery in History' and such. Even that could keep him busy. Have you tried chores? He could mow the lawn? If you're worried about him being bored, that could work. Or, you could give him a chance to create his own interests. Being buckled down in school all the time really just 'traps' kids. Giving them time to just 'be themselves' find out what 'they like' can cause them to find an interest you never knew about. Does he want a pet? sit down and ask him what he wants to do. if it's watching tv..that can be okay. my oldest loves watching movies, how they're created and such and would like to make movies when she gets older.

    Anyways, i know, i ramble i work nights, come home in the morning and end up falling asleep amidst all the chaos, lol...right in the middle of the livingroom and mom is 'out'! Do you have any unschooled kids in your area? ask them how they handle it with an only child, especially the 'radical unschoolers' that really don't set up anything for their kids (that much) at all. They'll give you ideas.

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    I'm new to this site and just came across your question, had a few ideas and though I'd share.

    1/ Do you shedule your day of for your son so he is aware of the timeframe for everything? Many children thrive on this struture. Once you leave, he is left.....waiting. Perhaps creating an 'idea' sheet or a 'tic-tac'toe' board of things he could be doing when he has down time ...... but in turn... wishing he had something to do. You could branch out... online: news of the day, important events on this day in history, middle east news? Create a map of something, give him a higher level thinking question and then alloow him to research to answers, allow 30 min. of a educational, online reinforcement game (from scholastic to many other options out there) a movie then compare to the book you're currently reading, ID charager traits, plot development.... things of that nature.... there are tons of possibilities, but not knowing your son, I'm aiming blind here. Whatever you choose,hold him accountable. If he's reading for 40 minutes on his own each day, that could be logged into a reading journal, then illustrated or a brieft play written, or a video of him retelling the chapters just read (since reading is his weakness...this might motivate him).. also, being weak in reading, listening to books on CD (from library, or purchased for a nominal fee).. then he does a lot of the charater/plot/vocabulary activities on his own. You could even break it down for him as 10 year olds can have an issue w/ time management. Completeing certain sheets/projects ater the 1st CD, 2nd CD, and there after. This will expose him to higher level vocabulary, more age appropriate storylines, and perhaps foster more interested in reading, and possibly strike his imagination a bit. I've used audibooks w/ my son for a few years now and he quite enjoys them.As for your husband being home, poerhaps scheduling a certain time frame w/ him to interact w/ your son while you're gone... this way he knows what you'd like him to be doing rather than justhanging out... perhaps by now he's working, however... just an idea of he's not. Also, as for going all year round.... I've found that my kids really look forward to vacations and it not only allows us some quality family time, but they are not always in the school mode, which allows them a little relaxation, and then... it's back to work! Even as an adult I can appreciate that ! lol

    Good luk on your journey!!

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    I am thinking a laptop computer game, my son got into RPG's and they got him reading and writing without thinking about it. It is entertaining and they learn, and communicate with others.

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    I remember my brother when he was at that age. Our folks were avid readers and so was I. Unfortunately, he was kinda "slow" to develop the reading habit so our dad used to play games with us after dinner. Whoever can answer his questions about stuff written in the daily newspaper the most, wins the prize of some treat...mostly cash lol. That started him on reading, believe me you. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

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    my daughter uses her down time to research subjects that she has an interest in. She's 6 so she sits with her Daddy (who is handicapped and stays home with the kids) and they surf google and she reads out loud what she's found.
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    I am really really late on this. But maybe he could begin school later in the day?

    We have a rule in our house that you cannot watch tv, play on the computer, or Wii from 8am-4pm. They can do anything makes them use their brains more. This could be hard for him since he is alone...........unless dad could play games with him??? It would probably start out as a stressful situation but I bet eventually he would find *something that interests him!!!
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