New School Year and Working at the same time, How is it going?
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    Question New School Year and Working at the same time, How is it going?

    How is it going with your new school year? Some of you have worked and home schooled for years others have just started working and homeschooling. Are you getting into a routine yet?

    I know the higher the grade the more work there is to do and more help needed. Sometimes it is hard to get that routine down that will work.

    Do you work from home?
    Do you work out of the home?

    I do both. I work from home but I leave 3 days a week and work out of the home from Noon till 5pm. Our school work is for the most part done in the morning. We do extra stuff on the 2 days I work from home. I also will work in-between when my kids need my help. I have a K, 1st grade, and 2 sophomores It is a HUGE balancing act.

    Take a moment and share how you are handling your balancing act.
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    This is our first year HSing. My son is 8. We started on 7/30th. I used Time4Learning for supplemental work.

    I work from home 5 days a week. I have meetings out a few times a month, but largely I'm home. I work about 50 hours a week and I have a part-time business that I run from home. My son works with a tutor in a group setting at our collective 3 days a week in the mornings and on the same 3 days he is in afternoon activity, so he's out of the house. I usually join in at least one day a week for activities - bowling or P.E. and I go on all field trips which are twice a month. He and I work together at home in the evenings for an hour and a half, the other two days for about 4 hours and on Sunday afternoons for a few hours. It is really hard. I plan to quit my job and just run my business next year because I can't do it all and my child has to be homeschooled. He has special needs, there's no other way. I forgot to note, I'm a single parent with very little support.

    On the bright side, I love that my child is happy. He is having much better experiences in the coop socially because it's small and the kids are sweet. No bullying and being mean allowed. Several of the kids, not all, are exceptional as well, so there is a great appreciation for differences. It's expensive, but worth every dime.

    My house is a mess and our meals have been not what I'd like, but I plan to hire someone to clean soon and I'm going to get to doing some meal planning. The latter is the real challenge. I really hate cooking. Anyway, that's it. It is what it is.

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