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    Lightbulb Perplexed

    My son is not doing well in math. Am I using T4L incorrectly? Does anyone else find that there is not enough homework and practice work provided for the child to practice what he is learning? I work at home (very busy) and need a complete program. I am now wondering if I should return to T4L next year. It is costly to pay for the homeschool program as well as supply workbooks, outside learning activities, tutors, etc. And, public school is just not an option for me. SO...

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    My daughter is in the same boat - she was really having math issues, and we discovered that if we pre-test and she can test out of a section then she's not got as much problem with doing the work. Her case was boredom due to her level... it might be an avenue to try. I work both from home and have an office job and I totally get about needing the complete program.
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