So, how many hours do you squeeze in a day?
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    Default So, how many hours do you squeeze in a day?

    Hello all

    Just wondering how many hours a day that you squeeze in to your day for homeschooling? How flexible is your schedule? Mine is pretty flexible most times, and I try to finish most of my "heavy lifting" in the morning while everyone is sleeping so that I can do my one on one time with my boys. Occasionally, I have to assign them things to do so I can get through something but usually I am available throughout the day for any questions or problems that come up.

    Just wondering, how you all juggle everything that needs to GET done in your day?
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    I do my work first thing in the morning and after the staff leaves the office.
    Hannah's school work is after lunch or after shes done playing her wii or drawing on her pc.
    We tried the early morning school work couple of years ago and didnt work.
    Shes lethargic and not retaining much. Since i changed it, it made a lot of difference.
    Im not so juggling coz i make a lesson plan per week. So we follow it each day.
    If i dont have a plan then ill say its a mess!

    Im more juggling doing business work than homeschooling!
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    I work at the Kumon center in the afternoons and Saturday mornings. The weekdays that I work I don't need to leave the house until 3PM. I am currently just working Sat and 1 weekday, so it is no big deal. I have an extra student 2 days a week, but that again is no big deal, because all the kids just do their own work. In a couple of weeks, I will also be an instructor at Classical Conversations. Ds will also be there, so for the third time it is no big deal.

    The work I do doesn't bring in any money to speak of. It just negates some of the costs associated with educating my own children.
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