Soul Searching Whether to Homeschool or Not
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    Default Soul Searching Whether to Homeschool or Not

    After our first foray into the public school system last year, and my kids having a tough go of things (esp LA and Math), I am soul searching whether homeschooling might be a good option for us. I can't express how frustrated I was by how much teaching we found ourselves doing after school. What is it that they spend their class time doing anyway?!

    My decision is complicated by a couple factors. Namely, I work full time (WFH, WOH combo) and am struggling with how I would find time to homeschool. Also, they are twins and quite young (7) and in need of a lot of attention when not occupied with other activities.

    Are there any other parents out there who are in my position and have found a way to WFH/WOH and homeschool?

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    Hi christinesten! Welcome to the forum!

    Have you looked into any online communities in your states? I know that there are several Mama's that get together for co-ops and of course homeschooling moms who are willing to help out and take in little ones to help homeschool. I'd try some networking within your community and see what resources you have available.


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