What are you doing over the summer?
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    Default What are you doing over the summer?

    Is anyone doing anything special over the summer to get ready to homeschool next year? I don't think my daughter's going back to school, and I want to be ready.

    I think she got into a good groove there, but I want to be ready with schedules for what she should get done, supplemental projects that are age-appropriate, follow-up worksheets, etc so I can feel like she's really getting a seventh grade education.

    I spend a lot of time feeling that I kind of stink at this homeschooling thing, and I'd really like to NOT feel that way next year!


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    Default Re: What are you doing over the summer?

    I love garage sales. I spend quite a few summer Sat. looking for used books at garage sales. I check reading list suggestions for my daughters' grades and my hunt begins. Of course, while I'm book looking at the G.S. I might come across some other nifty bargin I just can't live without.
    July is our month for no formal school work. I use the month to make my lesson plans, schedules, and start setting up fieldtrip ideas for the coming fall.
    The girls get to spend their time off at youth camp, swim lessons, cake decorating class, etc.

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    Default Re: What are you doing over the summer?

    We are finished with this year, the 1st week of June so by June 5th.
    Then we are on break until Aug. 3rd and are definitely homeschooling in the Fall and beyond as far as we are concerned!!
    I already have a breakdown of how many things per week, per kid, etc. and have it worked so we work M-Th only on school, Fridays are family time for extra stuff.
    I will be spending most of July printing off the 7th grade stuff, as I saved all the 6th grade stuff from this year and youngest DS will re-use it for next year. And making a better schedule, printing them up, etc. so we are ready to go on the 3rd.
    I love yard sales and am always on the lookout for stuff, esp. now that we HS. I have to incorporate all those workbooks I bought at the scholastic $1 sale in Jan. too.....
    And the boys have a HUGE science kit so I need to check out the booklet and work it so they do an experiment on Fridays with Dad from that kit.
    I honestly dont think I ever stop planning.

    Even our family vacation in July has educational stuff in it!LOL We are going to Virginia City, NV to see a gold mine, check out the town and its history, etc. and then we are coming back to my parents via Donner Pass and going to stop there and talk about it too. They have to pay attention as their teacher will definitely be asking them to do a WHAT I DID FOR SUMMER BREAK paper!LOL

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