Do we have any unschooler in Wyoming?
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    Default Do we have any unschooler in Wyoming?

    I am from Arizona and we are thinking about relocate ourselves to Wyoming. We have been unschooling our children for over 10 years. I am not sure how to comply with Wyoming's laws on homeschooling since they require curriculum based schooling. Let me know if you have suggestion for us. Thanks. ~CB

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    Hi Crystal,

    I would classify myself as an unschooler too, not so much because we don't use a curriculum, but because we use LOTS of curricula, all different kinds, a little of this and a little of that, whatever fits our needs at the moment. Unschooling itself has some pretty broad definitions, and depending on where you fit, you may find the curriculum here at Time4Learning works great for your family. T4L appeals to kids with various different learning styles, and the program is set up in self-paced modules that can generally be done in any order you wish. To learn more about how T4L works for unschoolers, check out our unschooling page.

    You might also find the Wyoming page helpful, which has tons of info and links to the state requirements and how to connect with support groups in Wyoming.

    Best of luck with your upcoming move!
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