2010 Convention, May 7 & 8 at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas, WY

The Homeschoolers Of Wyoming state convention is a wonderful place and great opportunity to meet with other homeschooling families, hear inspiring and encouraging speakers, and view curriculum and educational resources. Please make plans NOW to attend the annual HOW State Convention May 7 & 8, at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas, WY. Speakers for the event will include Marcelo & Valorie Tolopilo. The HOW Convention is designed to equip all home educating parents to educate their children with excellence by bringing together a variety of speakers, workshops, curriculums, and educational materials for the entire family. All the facilities at the fairgrounds are handicapped accessible.

Marcelo Tolopilo
Marcelo Tolopilo is the founder and president of Walking In The Promises, a Bible teaching organization with a focused ministry to families and homeschoolers. He received his education at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology (M.Div.), and served in the pastorate and with two international missions agencies. In 2008, Marcelo authored his first book entitled, A Clarion Call to Protect Your Home (in a World at Enmity With God and the Family He Loves).
His has a passion for scripture and travels throughout the country speaking with conviction to a variety of Christian audiences from the timeless truths of God's word.
Valorie Tolopilo is Marcelo's bride and right hand woman in life and ministry. She received her education at California State University, Long Beach (B.A. in Communication Disorders) and Purdue University (M.S. in Speech Pathology). Prior to children, she worked in a rehabilitation hospital with stroke and head trauma patients. Once their first child was born, Valorie joyfully came home and has delighted to be a "full time" mom at home ever since.
Marcelo and Valorie have four children: Joshua, Rebekah, Josiah, & Aaron. They are in their 15th year of homeschooling. Joshua, their eldest, is 23 and is enrolled in doctoral studies in Organic Chemistry at the University of MI. Rebekah, 20, is in her second year of college and lives at home. Josiah and Aaron are in the 12th and 7th grades respectively, and so their homeschooling journey continues.
The Tolopilo's unique family story includes homeschooling while facing cancer (Valorie) and the care of elderly and convalescing parents in their home. Their passion is to encourage homeschool families in their God-given privilege to not only teach their children, but to raise them for the glory of God.
The Tolopilo's make their home in Temecula, California just north of San Diego.

Other Speakers
Dave & Mary Jo Nutting
Alpha Omega Institute
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Why Attend a Convention?
by Susan Stewart and Susan Beatty
Homeschooling is a new idea and you may be getting overwhelmed. You’re trying to make sense of all the information and are wondering if attending a convention would be a good idea or if would it just be too overwhelming. more...

Other features of the 2010 convention
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The Vendor Hall is filling with a wide variety of curricula, educational resources, and information. HOW anticipates more than 30 tables of vendor products.
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We endeavor to present speakers and exhibitors whose materials are compatible with biblical principles. The presence of a particular speaker or exhibitor at this Convention does not constitute any endorsement of their product or service, nor does it imply that a comprehensive evaluation of their product or service has been made by Homeschoolers Of Wyoming.

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