How do you schedule your homeschool day?

I homeschool my 2 children in different grades 4th and 9th.

My fourth grader is doing T4L for Math and LA, she starts her day at 9:30 am with T4L Math 2 sections and 2 sections in LA, although some days she ends up finishing a section and gets ahead of our planned yearly schedule . We then work on Health or PE. We have Lunch for 45 minutes. We spend the afternoon doing her social studies, science, art and home ec. We usually end our day about 2:30.

My ninth grader has adhd and works better in the later part of the morning, so he starts about 10:30 - 11:00. He works on classes in any order that works for him but must complete everything by Friday. I write his work out for the week and he marks it off and turns the work in to me. I check with him daily to help keep him on track. His classes are World History, Earth Science, Spanish, English 9, Health/Martial Arts, Pre-Algebra, Mythology (semester1) Ancient Civilization (semester 2). He usually ends his day about 3:30-4:00.

Tell us about your schedule, I would love to hear about others schedules