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    I homeschooled my son after 7th grade. He just turned 18, and we just moved back to Wyoming from North Carolina. Upon our return, we decided the best option for him was to enroll in an alternative high school. Since we homeschooled 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, the school could not determine which grade to place him in. I sent them "transcripts" detailing what "classes" he took each year and what grades he received for each of them. I sent them the achievement tests he took for 10th & 11th grade, which were required in North Carolina. The principal called me yesterday and said that since they couldn't figure out what grade to put him in, they couldn't test him for placement, and since he is 18 years old, our choice is to get him a G.E.D. Can they do that? What can I do to keep him in that school (My biggest motivator is that he was REALLY HAPPY going there) (Also, he is young for his age)?
    Any suggestions?
    Billie Jo

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    Hi Billie Jo,

    I guess I'm not really surprised at the treatment you've received from the public school. But, Time4Learing only goes through 8th grade so giving you advice on high school matters is a little outside my range of expertise. The only helpful thing I can really add is that I would definitely explore your options and not just go the G.E.D route. The line the principal gave you sounds inaccurate to me. The principal may never have dealt with this issue before and may need some "education" himself on the matter! I suggest that you contact HSLDA for legal advice, if you haven't already. If you aren't a member, I highly recommend it, no matter which state you homeschool in - it's SO worth it!! You can check out their website here: HSLDA.

    Best wishes to you and your son!
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