Wyoming Homeschool Laws
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    Default Wyoming Homeschool Laws

    **This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for information purposes only. Check for updates at your public library.**

    Wyoming Homeschool Laws

    Wyoming Homeschool Laws
    Compulsory Attendance Ages: “whose seventh birthday falls on or before September 15 of any year and who has not yet attained his sixteenth birthday or completed the tenth grade….” Wyoming Statutes § 21-4-102.
    Required Days of Instruction: Wyoming Statutes § 21-4-301 states that public and private schools must be in session for 175 days. However, the statute is vague regarding whether this applies to home-based educational programs.
    Required Subjects: A “‘basic academic educational program’ is one that provides a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature, and science.” Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-101(a)(vi).
    Home School Statute: Wyo. Stat. §§ 21-4-101,-102.
    1. Parents must annually submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees showing that a “basic academic educational program” is provided. Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-102(b).
    2. “These curriculum requirements do not require any private school or home-based educational program to include in its curriculum any concept, topic or practice in conflict with its religious doctrines or to exclude from its curriculum any concept, topic or practice consistent with its religious doctrines.” Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-101(a)(vi).
    3. Failure to submit a curriculum showing compliance is prima facie evidence that the home-based education program does not meet the requirements of the statute. Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-102(b).
    4. An instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not constitute a home-based educational program. Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-101(a)(v).
    Alternative Statutes Allowing for Home Schools: Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-101(a)(iv). If a home school is “one operated under the auspices or control of a local church or religious congregation or a denomination,” it may be regarded as a parochial, church, or religious school. This exempts the school from state regulation because the statute says that nothing under Wyo. Stat. §§ 21-4-102(b), 21-2-401, or 21-2-406 “grants to the state of Wyoming…any right or authority to control, manage, [or] supervise…any parochial, church, or religious school.”
    Teacher Qualifications: None.
    Standardized Tests: None.

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