State and mandatory testing requirements for homeschoolers
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State and mandatory testing requirements for homeschoolers

  1. Lilybsmom

    My name is Michelle, I currently homeschool my daughter. I have a major fear of not meeting testing requirements, alongside other stressors with records, grading, etc. is there any information for the state of California on testing dates and how homeschoolers go about that? My daughter has done testing in fall in previous years with public school as well as STAR, but this last year testing (STAR) was only done in the spring with the physical fitness test. Any help would be great, I have joined HSLDA and have the education codes but can't seem to find this information readily available.

    Thank you in advance for the help.
  2. DrRich
    Hi Michelle,

    According to HSLDA's California legal analysis, standardized testing (like STAR) is not required of private schools (such as home schools).

  3. MShattai
    I have been homeschooling my son since the second half of fourth grade using T4L as his full curriculum. If he at any point decided that he wanted to GO TO school, is the T4L curriculum enough to get him into High School? I hope so because that's all I've used for the last three and a half years. :S
  4. MShattai
    Please e-mail me when an answer is posted.

    Thank you.
  5. five_blessed
    Hi MShattai, I think the following will be of help in answering your questions. Of course, this is keeping in mind that your child is up to date with his grade level in using Time4Learning. For my children, I have added additional science and social studies material. In some cases, I will also add a supplement to what is being done on Time4Learning in math and/or language arts. It just all depends on what my children need. If I feel they a little additional work in an area, I usually cover the subject material again on Time4learning and then, if I feel there is still a lack of understanding, I may use something that I find on the internet or library for further enrichment. Please let me know if this helps! Also, it might be a good idea if you print your child's work either daily or weekly to have a "hard copy" in case you need it in the future for proof of work completed!

    The primary curriculum consists of language arts and math.

    • The language arts curriculum is presented in a suggested sequence designed to create a strong literacy foundation. It includes phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, writing skills and more. The language arts curriculum correlates to state standards.
    • The math curriculum combines multimedia lessons, interactive activities and reinforcing worksheets to teach basic arithmetic, number sense & operations, measurement, geometry, pre-algebra and more. The math curriculum correlates to state standards.

    Time4Learning also offers science and social studies as an added bonus. The science lessons are available from 1st through 6th grade, and the social studies lessons are available from 2nd - 7th grade levels. Because state by state standards differ, science and social studies may need to be supplemented to satisfy your local requirements.
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