Historical Field Trips

Historical Field Trips

  1. katshu2
    For our family, field trips are scheduled as often as possible and are always happily anticipated.

    There have been a couple of events posted throughout the group and in the Local Events thread, but I think it would be great to have threads that are focused on field trips, rather than all of the local events such as conventions and such.

    In this thread, lets discover some great historical field trips in Kansas! Please share some of your experiences where you've visited a historical landmark/location, or share a historical place that you know of but haven't yet had a chance to visit!
  2. katshu2
    Because there is SO much history in KS, I could put a thousand links here for everyone to click on. To make it easier, I would like to share a couple of sites here for now instead. These sites are easily maneuvered so you can search in your specific area, or in a specific region of the state you want to travel to.

    Kansas Historical Society

    Kansas Heritage

    Can anyone add to this list? Please??
  3. PinkyMorche
    Lecompton, KS is a great historical trip, especially if covering the Civil War since is was the territorial capital and where the great comprimise was discussed.
    Abilene,KS has a fashion museum that if you have little fashionistas would be perfect way to get them interested in history.
  4. katshu2
    Hi PinkyMorche! Thanks so much for posting about those great museums!
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