Ready for 2011???

Ready for 2011???

  1. katshu2
    Hi everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and your new year is off to a great start! Still can't believe it's 2011 already...

    With the new year always comes resolutions. Most of us have those "lose weight, get fit" resolutions. I made a resolution to try and get more orgainized (this is ALWAYS a resolution for me - considering that it's on my resolution list every year, I guess I'm failing pretty bad, lol). My husband is a writer and editor by profession, but his resolution this year is to spend more time on his personal creative writing.

    What's on your resolutions list for 2011?

    Besides any personal and/or professional changes you hope to make, what about in your you want to see something go away or do you want to see something added?

    Please share!


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