course in good citizenship
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course in good citizenship

  1. bbydol221
    what is a course in good citizenship? I'm not familiar with this. Is in just 1 course they have to take 1 time? When is it taken? How do I do it via home school? Thanks!
  2. mamaneedham
    There is no state requirement for a course in citizenship. The OP for this info was just sharing with everyone some info she found about an optional class in citizenship. You can follow her link if you'd like more info, but rest assured, there are no requirements in Texas for citizenship curriculum.
  3. AMLord
    Actually a course in good citizenship *is* a requirement in Texas.
    Homeschools must be conducted in a bona fide manner, using a written curriculum consisting of reading, spelling, grammar, math and a course in good citizenship; no other requirements apply.
    See HERE and HERE .
  4. bbydol221
    AMLord, that's the article that I read which is why I asked about it. Seems like an odd requirement. So who's right?
  5. mamaneedham
    Hi guys -
    My point is that there is no reporting requirement for having taken a course in citizenship. Every parent teaches their child how to be a good citizen, right? The wording is vague and doesn't specify what the "course" must entail, so I think a case could be made that if your child reads the Constitution and writes a few essays about voting, the rights of a citizen, etc. - any number of topics - you've covered the citizenship requirement. I still say a formal "course" isn't necessary. It could be helpful, for college admission especially, but not something to make or break your homeschooling experience. I think the issue of good citizenship can be adequately covered in related subject matter. This is just my own interpretation though. Thanks for contributing!
  6. Bcelestin210
    I had the same concern regarding the "good citizenship" requirement when i withdrew my child on Jan 5th of this year. I was told by the administrator from my district that the "good citizenship" is the same as taking Texas History, world history, American history..ect.
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