Field Trips in Utah
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Field Trips in Utah

  1. Wmoon
    Clark Planetarium
    See free exhibits about the earth, space explorations, the moon and solar system, meteorites and more. Our favorite exhibit was "Newton's Daydream", a two-story tall sculpture that combines an intricate maze of moving balls with bells, drums and other noisemaking obstacles that intrigued and insired my children. They also offer 3D movies about space, dinosaurs and the deep sea. See their website for more.
    Clark Planetarium

    Utah Museum of Natural History
    The museum offers exciting exhibits, summer camps, family field trips, and much more.
    Free Family Mondays, first Monday of each month
    Science Movie Night, first Tuesday of each month
    Events in the Galleries
    Field Trips and Family Workshops
    Overnights at the Musuem
    They offer a membership that will allow you to attend as often as you like for a year
    Utah Museum of Natural History

    Utah's Hogle Zoo
    Watch for homeschool free days.

    Peter Prier & Sons Violins
    This is the violin school, and they also sell string instruments. It is one of only a few in the United State. People come from all over, even internationally to attend. You'll want to call ahead and schedule an appointment for a tour of the school. Visit their website to find out more about them. Peter Prier and Sons Violins.

    This is the Place Heritage Park.
    Their big season is in the summer, but they have some great activities going on in October and December. For daily activities they are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you want a great experience, take your family and voluteer at the park. You can choose the days you volunteer. To learn more about park activities or volunteering visit their website. This is the Place Heritage Park | Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Red Butte Garden
    | Red Butte Garden

    Wheeler Historic Farm
    See demonstrations of a rural farm. Help gather the eggs, milk the cows and learn how life would have been for the people living on this farm.
    index, Wheeler Farm, Salt Lake County

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