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  1. Re: Am I a bad mom for letting my kid play on smartphone?

    Agree with you guys, don`t think this is irresponsible. Vice versa It is great you let your kid play only educational games. But sure you should limit her time near the phone. By the way, you need to...
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    Re: what age should preschool start

    Definitely, 3 is the best age! Agree with you)
  3. Thread: love it

    by woodoo

    Re: love it

    You should buy them only educational games. Usually, I do this for my kids. Sometimes I buy some educational apps from the app store and they are great! You should do the same if they want to))
  4. Re: Am I a bad mom for letting my kid play on smartphone?

    Sure you are now a bad mom because of that! Just let them discover this world by themselves. But it is okay to limit the with their phones) Just let them studying or playing a few hours only
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    Re: how to make my boy stay quiet !!!

    When my kids were younger I turned the music very loud and they stopped shouting and scattered to different rooms)) It works! Try this out!
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