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    Re: Homeschooling anxieties, is it normal?

    Dont worry too much. You are not alone. I also felt that way when we were new to homeschooling. It is indeed stressful but you dont need to pressure yourself and your kid.

    One thing that help me...
  2. Re: real time activity reports for middle school

    I wish there is an option for foreign language in T4L.;)
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    Re: Moving lessons around

    That's nice that we can adjust schedule and/or activities depending on our kids' pacing. Maybe the Activity Plan is just a guide so that we can still keep track, but we can do the necessary...
  4. Re: How did this pandemic time help you encourage your kids in their homeschooling?

    Hello whitewisdom,

    I feel you when it comes to our kids' learning with the current setup of distant learning, modular learning, homeschooling and etc due to this coronavirus. I am a bit stressed...
  5. Sticky: Re: Free writing ideas and homeschool help in your inbox monthly!

    Hi Admin,

    Would these articles be also visible to the public?Thanks!
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    Re: High School Elective credits

    From what I know is that HS credits regarding electives depends on which state the kid will further his studies and if these electives are honored by the homeschool institution.
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    Re: Hello! - Should I redo some of last year?

    What if the kid had advance lessons but was not in the current school plan. Will it be credited or will the kid still need to redo the subject?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Hello! - Should I redo some of last year?

    Is it possible that he can take the 2nd grade writing subject only?
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