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    Re: New here & homeschooling

    Hey! I am just starting homeschooling again so welcome! There are so many homeschoolers now and so many amazing resources its wonderful! My 9 year old has ADHD so she has a lot of sensory processing...
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    Re: New Homeschooling Mom Staten Island

    Hi, this was actually my old profile and I ended up moving to NJ halfway through the year. If you are on Facebook there is a great NYC homeschooling group. They might have a SI chapter by now. If...
  3. Re: Transitioning from public to homeschool at end of the year... HELP!

    Hi! I'm in the same boat. We just de-registered my daughter from her public school (bullying problems and a terrible school) and I am trying to figure out where to start her on T4L. I actually...
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