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  1. Re: Still planning but not yet sure

    Hi, Jamila. I'm sorry about your mom and your son's bullying issues. That's a lot to deal with. :(

    When I decided to homeschool my own kids, I reasoned that I wasn't going to "ruin" them during a...
  2. Re: Question about LA extension and SpellingCity

    Language arts extensions is optional. To add it to your child's courses, log in to your parent dashboard and click on Manage Students. Below your student's name, select Adjust K-8 Subject and Course....
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    Re: Activity Unavailable

    A few of the lessons rely on outside links. Sometimes, the owner of the link takes them down. I've reported this to the developer, and I'm sure it will be corrected in the next update. These are...
  4. Re: Quiz scores different in student dashboard and parents

    Hmm, it shouldn't. Did your child make two attempts at the same quiz? That's just fine . . . students can make as many attempts as they need if that's how you have decided to do things.

    Log in to...
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    Re: Attendance Total Time?

    To run an attendance report, log in to your parent dashboard and click on Lesson Planning and Reports. Choose the Reports icon. Select your student's name and Time4Learning under Detailed Report....
  6. Re: I've posted a couple of questions but I can't find them

    Hi. First, I want to welcome you to the Time4Learning parent forum! :D

    To combat spam. a member's first three posts must be approved before they are visible on the forum. At least two others...
  7. Re: Figuring Out the Detailed Plan

    Welcome! You'll get this. :D There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but it will soon all make sense.

    Log in to your parent dashboard and click on Manage Students. Below your child's name,...
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    Re: Test Prep

    My own, very personal, opinion as a homeschool mom is that a student should need minimal "test prep." The whole purpose of the tests is to assess what they have learned throughout their many years of...
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    Re: Homeschooling Kindergarten

    Hi, Catherine! :D Welcome to the forum.

    I found this about compulsory education age in Wisconsin homeschool laws:

    Beginning when your child turns 6 (on or before September 1) and until his or...
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    Re: hello from new New Jersey

    Hi! This one-minute video does a good job of explaining how things work, along with a glimpse of the student reports. Reports are for a parent's information.

    How It Works
  11. Re: Highschool biology answer keys

    Tests and quizzes will be somewhat different each time they are attempted, because a selection of questions is taken from a larger bank of potential questions. This assures the student is actually...
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    Re: Hello, I'm new to this!

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. :)

    Time4Learning isn't an online school. Many people mistakenly think of or refer to online schools as "homeschooling". The two are actually very different.

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    Re: Hi, Newbie from MD

    Hi, "Bob"! :D Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of information to digest at first, but pretty soon you'll be on here giving advice to other newbies. ;)

    We're happy to have you with us.! :)
  14. Re: How long do the lessons take?? I'm new to T4L

    Hi! The length of each lesson activity will vary, because they are all designed differently (which my own kids prefer over a cookie-cutter curriculum). Many of them adjust to how the student...
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    Re: New

    Hi, Jennifer! Welcome to the forum! We're looking forward to getting to know you, so please post regularly to keep us updated. :)
  16. Re: Parent Review Of Time 4 Learning Program

    Thank you for that review! We're glad Time4Learning is such a great fit for your family. You might be interested in this information about writing reviews for Time4Learning.
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    Re: New to the group!

    Hi, Kate! Welcome to the forum!

    You might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    We're looking forward to getting to know you and your family. Please share regularly about...
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    Sticky: Re: HOW TO: Use the Activity Planner

    Hi! On the new parent dashboard, log in and select Lesson Planning and Reports from the top. Then choose the My Saved Plans icon. Select your student's name and the name of the plan from the dropdown...
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    Re: Planning to homeschool

    Hi, Cynthia. Welcome to the forum!

    I don't live in Texas, but I have some experience interpreting homeschool laws. As always, parents are responsible for knowing, understanding, and applying the...
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    Re: T4L Long Term Results

    I can only answer for my own kids. Five of the six have graduated from our home school, and we have used Time4Learning since 2006.

    My kids go pretty much at their own rate in Time4Learning. When...
  21. Re: What happens when work is not completed as assigned?

    If we get too behind, I just print the previous weeks' schedule and we keep chippiing away. You can always generate a new plan if you travel too far from the original one. Just leave the lessons...
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    Re: New here

    Hi, Rose! Welcome to the forum! You might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    Each state has its own homeschool laws and they are all very different. You might want to begin...
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    Re: Hello!

    Elissa, I only see this post. Only your first post needs approval. After that, your posts will appear as you submit them. Welcome to the forum! :D
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    Re: Hello!

    Hi, Richard! Time4Learning IS for homeschooling! :D Many people mistakenly think of or refer to online schools as "homeschooling", but that isn't legally correct. Time4Learning isn't an online...
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    Re: Hours needed

    Hi, Shanika. Thank you for your comment . . . and welcome to the Time4Learning parent forum! :D
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