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  1. looking for friends
  2. Special Needs Curriculum
  3. After Care Hours
  4. Looking for feedback on how this has worked for children on Autism Spectrum
  5. Do I need a laywer to get a power of attorney over my adult child?
  6. Looking for homeschooling website
  7. Stopping agressive behavior
  8. Time4Learning Special Needs Families Group on Facebook
  9. PhD candidate seeking recent homeschool graduates for dissertation research study
  10. talk to text on T4L
  11. How Much Per Day?
  12. Need Help/Advice For Working with Extremely Distractible Child
  13. Teaching the Tests for ADHD Student
  14. Asd/adhd/speech delay homeschooling questions
  15. Temporary homeschooling
  16. about to be 7th grade son with autism and dyslexia- thinking about homeschooling
  17. Struggling Community College Student
  18. How Much is Too Much??
  19. Word Processing Disorder/Epilepsy
  20. Dyslexia
  21. What do you do about a gifted child?
  22. Aspie 6th grader finds social studies boring
  23. Any other parents to children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  24. Do they teach special needs children the same content as the mainstream kids in that
  25. I have a twice exceptional 12 year old
  26. Help for Auditory Processing Issues
  27. Closed Captioning
  28. New autism diagnosis. IEP? What?
  29. 17 year old daughter moderate mentally challenged.
  30. ADHD son with bad handwriting
  31. 12 yr old HF ASD/ Aspergers having hard time with some subjects
  32. Am I doing it right?
  33. How do I get him to follow through on work.
  34. help
  35. Homeschool Special Needs & Struggling Learner Conference
  36. Need help! Trying to homeschool my autistic son.
  37. New to Homeschooling Need help with Disabled 6th grader
  38. First year high school for 15 yr old on the spectrum
  39. New from new Zealand with ASD children
  40. Auditory learning
  41. Hi! Very frustrated with the people I am reporting to.
  42. Hi! I have a Smart ASD 4th grader and I'm super frustrated...
  43. New to homeschooling with special need
  44. any other gifted kindergartener-2nd graders out there?
  45. High Schooler with Auditory Processing problems
  46. New homeschooler here
  47. IEP and 8th grade reading test
  48. Biggest challenge homeschooling special needs
  49. Homeschooling 13 yro w/ Asperger's, dyslexia - Not reading, hates writing - Any tips?
  50. speech activities
  51. Extra-curricular Activities or Electives
  52. hello
  53. Occupational Therapy
  54. Gifts for therapists?
  55. Money, Multiplication and ASD
  56. What it feels like to be a special needs mom....
  57. dictionary & ASD
  58. Homeschool gifted teen with Lyme disease
  59. Am I just too sensitive?
  60. Blind / Visually Impaired / Dyslexia / Print Disability
  61. Life Skills vs. Academic Learning
  62. trouble reading content
  63. Standardized Testing
  64. Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  65. Grade Levels and Advancing
  66. new to forums autistic child in Northern VA
  67. Need some helpful advices for my ADHD daughter... Disliking READING
  68. Why can't we have an IEP??
  69. Jr. high science-dyslexia
  70. accessing public school services
  71. we need to rent a teen or adult stroller
  72. Homeschool or ASD school ( Parents of Autism or HS parents chime in please)
  73. Considering homeschooling
  74. curriculum
  75. CAPD 5th grade private school...too late to start T4L for this school year?
  76. Temporarily homeschooling child with medical needs!
  77. home schooling for disabled child??
  78. Using T4L with a child on the autism spectrum
  79. Teen with Undiagnosed Health Issues
  80. New to homeschooling (October 2013) to my two middle schoolers
  81. Looking for parental control
  82. New homeschooler with Aspie...need advice please :)
  83. New homeschooler with Aspie...need advice please :)
  84. Anyone in or around Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  85. Anyone in or around Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  86. Help with dyslexia!!!
  87. Reinforcement needed on Some Concepts
  88. How to teach a dyslexic child multiplication tables ?????
  89. REally need help special ed
  90. Schizophrenia
  91. Feeling stressed out and helpless
  92. Dyslexia
  93. Help!!
  94. Barton's Reading and Spelling Question
  95. read a long for 3rd grade science
  96. Teaching a child with ASD to Read-Feeling Overwhelmed!
  97. How to switch/change grades?
  98. Considering Using T4L for child w/Muscular Dystrophy
  99. Starting homeschool with Autistic 8 year old son
  100. In search of some advice/recommendations
  101. Barton Reading & Spelling System for Dylexic Children
  102. Attention issues - starting out
  103. parent's account?
  104. Super discouraged! About to Quit!
  105. Awesome reader who can not story write or understand grammer
  106. Speech Therapy / Apraxia/ Public School
  107. Son with Aspergers Struggles with Worksheets
  108. worried about her social skills
  109. Should I have my son evaluated for dyslexia?
  110. new to home schooling my daughter with learning disability
  111. just started homeschooling daughter with ASD
  112. Son w/ Aspergers can't stand the sound of a lot of the effects and voices
  113. Special Needs Free Resources
  114. Autism/Animated Lesson Withdrawal - help!
  115. CAPD and VPD - Can't read AND learn at same time
  116. A good reading program?
  117. New Book for Raising Twice Exceptional Kiddos
  118. Desicions.....
  119. Considering homeschooling my 6 yr old who is mildly autistic
  120. 10 year old with ADD
  121. Visual Learner Issues...Need ideas!
  122. Natural Reader can't read some of the LA lessons
  123. New to T4L
  124. Need Help my 8 year old still cant "hear" rhyming words
  125. Homeschooling 8 year old with Aspergers and APD
  126. Alphabet soup in London
  127. Testing outside of school system.
  128. Son with PDD-NOS and SPD
  129. In need of a 8th grade site like this that is affordable???
  130. 2E Kidz Compelling Needs
  131. 3rd grader needs help
  132. Looking for teacher to evaluate our homeschooled son with ASD
  133. Intertional Adoption
  134. Homeschool help
  135. 16 year old daughter with low IQ
  136. New Member - Daughter with Vision Impairment and Learning issues
  137. CAPD and 3rd grade T4L
  138. Hello
  139. Cognitive Delays - Weak Arm Muscles
  140. What to Do? Child May Have Dyslexia
  141. Specials Needs Daughter
  142. Hello everyone! I'm new to homeschooling and need advice for special needs!
  143. How to Homeschool my 7yr old??
  144. Using a touch screen with T4L
  145. ADDHD and home-schooling
  146. Central Auditory Processing Issues
  147. Homeschooling son on the Autism Specrtum
  148. Favorite Homeschooling Special Needs Resources
  149. Homeschooling my 12 yr old Autistic daughter
  150. 12 yr old w special needs
  151. 1st time homeschool mom of 6yr old Autistic son in Ohio & could use some advice
  152. Using T4L as Supplement for your special needs child?
  153. homeschool options in Wake County, NC for high-functioning autistic children
  154. Help me... disagreeing with my son's proposed IFSP
  155. Homeschool child with Asperger's Syndrome?
  156. Just started T4L - PDD-NOS Son - Math Issue - 2nd Grade
  157. 15 year old with low IQ
  158. speciall needs - DS
  159. I have 2 special needs kids 2, w/public school inadequate story found helpful program
  160. Thoughts on possible dyslexia?
  161. "gifted"
  162. Getting Caught Up?
  163. Current Autism Research Study
  164. Homeschooling Special Needs Kids
  165. HELP!!! dyslexic and high functioning autism and two average siblings to school
  166. New from Houma Louisana
  167. Anyone else think Science & Soc Studies is too hard???
  168. New to site - Child with Aspergers....Anyone else?
  169. Tips for low ave./borderline IQ?
  170. C urriculum
  171. CAPD and homeschooling
  172. Autism and question which level to place him
  173. School District Demands I Sign Letter! Need Advice Please!
  174. Parent Questionnaire/helping a helper
  175. Sp Ed grad student/teacher intro
  176. New and in desperate need of help!
  177. My husband thinks we should homeschool all day during the week???
  178. homeschooling an add child.
  179. LOng Division & Dyscalculia
  180. Sensory Integration Online Magazine
  181. Looking for parents homeschooling a child with dyslexia
  182. Looking for parents homeschooling a child with dyslexia
  183. New to home schooling
  184. Dont know which level to start on, help please
  185. Our APD Journey
  186. Hello! We are new to Time4learning!
  187. Need help with my 12 year old ADHD child
  188. Testing for L.D.
  189. Special Olympics
  190. Test Results
  191. we are new here and new homeschoolers!
  192. Encouragement for those tough days
  193. Text to speech programming on T4L
  194. complaint about grade 3 characters
  195. New to Time4Learning - working mom with dyslexic son
  196. Disconnected Kids
  197. So happy to be back!
  198. My DD12 is being tested..............
  199. Tips..., For Special Needs Families!
  200. Exciting News! Did you guys see this?
  201. new to the group
  202. Tips for helping a child who is working BELOW GRADE LEVEL!
  203. Complete curriculum pre-k-8th grade
  204. My little boy has an IQ of 69 according to his IEP..
  205. Math ??
  206. special needs end of the year eval
  207. 4th grader in public school, ADHD, some dyslexia, and other issues (New to site)
  208. Summer help
  209. Help for member . . . diagnosing dyslexia?
  210. ESL special needs
  211. Little Nervous But READY to Home-School!
  212. does anyone have a child with tourettes ,ocd , dysgraphia and...?
  213. ADHD thinking of homeschooling
  214. My first little special learner is graduating tonight!
  215. Some days I can't help but cry....
  216. Brain Builder, Listening Program, or Brain Integration Therapy?
  217. Just need to vent! I am DISGUSTED with public school teacher!
  218. Help deciding how to go about getting a diagnosis.
  219. Any advice? Texas school systems and special needs kids
  220. New here and worried about the future! * Help*
  221. anyone with kids or grown ups with eosinophilic esopagitis?
  222. New Here with a special needs child
  223. help with legal advice
  224. speech apraxia
  225. 142 IQ / Looking for Resources & Advice.......
  226. Update on our little man
  227. Science for classes after Time4Learning stops - - - - -
  228. New to Time4 Learning and need help
  229. New & have ?s about Visual Processing difficulties and T4L
  230. How many hours per day doing T4L???? More Questions!!!
  231. New Here/Anyone doing DAN protocol?/Any PANDAS children?
  232. 1/2 way through public school year, where do I pickup?
  233. my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade
  234. Feeling So Sad For My Son..., Anyone else feel that way?
  235. Asperger's /PDD-NOS homeschooler new here.
  236. Anyone have a child that is way behind for their school leve
  237. Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention
  238. Any help for APD - auditory processing disorder?
  239. New member
  240. New help!
  241. I'm an Autism Mom and just signed up today.
  242. Callum's first day . . .
  243. New to T4L
  244. Report on Autism....did you see this???
  245. Fetal alcohol syndrome
  246. Playground ?
  247. New to homeschooling daughter with autism
  248. Trevor 7 years old and no place in the public school
  249. No pause button?
  250. New to T4L in Kent, WA