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  1. Anyone use as an enrichment tool in public school?
  2. Where to start with my 11yo/6th grader?
  3. New to Time 4Learning-Questions about 3rd grade math
  4. New Here....Interested in After School Suplementation...
  5. Changing Grade levels
  6. Accidental homeschooler
  7. Looking into this program for my 8th grader....need advice
  8. Detailed Reviews of Time4Learning Preschool Program Online!
  9. Anyone switched to T4L from Calvert/Connections Academy?
  10. Legal question
  11. Complete Program
  12. Question about pricing
  13. Adding other children later
  14. help with reading ideas
  15. Feedback on the program
  16. 3rd Grade Spelling
  17. Trying out Time 4 Learning but have questions.
  18. Is there a limit on daily lessons?
  19. Talk to me about the little ones, oh ye venerable sages.
  20. New homescoolers thinking of using T4L
  21. When to read LA books
  22. Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP
  23. Want to try, but have a few questions
  24. Hello everyone! I need some advice
  25. Do Over Mom Very Happy with T4L!
  26. N.H. mom loves t4learning!!!
  27. new mom in new hampshire
  28. Free Trial?
  29. i have a question about changing grade? im new please help!
  30. Abbreviations
  31. Christian Mom-need help
  32. New in PA and have questions
  33. ok a few questions for a newbie to the program
  34. Very frustrated
  35. Starting Early - Introduction - I am new
  36. How did you first start??
  37. Introduction
  38. How do I get a teen tested for placement?
  39. Help !
  40. upper/lower levels
  41. Hello From Texas
  42. And suddenly... I'm a homeschooler!
  43. Newbie Here
  44. New from Virginia
  45. Come join us in our LIVE chat right now! Thursday 1-2 ET
  46. What grade to start with for gifted child?
  47. New here & introduction
  48. 7th grade science
  49. Thinking about HS
  50. Homeschooler mom with questions
  51. Help for Members and Potential Members - Real-Time Chat
  52. accidental homeschooler
  53. New to T4L
  54. Just getting my feet wet and ready to jump in
  55. Lesson Plans
  56. learning paths for special ed versus normal versus gifted
  57. We are new, and have questions regarding multiple log-ins
  58. Am a newbie with questions
  59. questions for a 5 year old severely autistic but smart kid
  60. I'm new- a little about us and then some questions
  61. Science and social studies... Do they come at extra cost?
  62. Twins
  63. Wanting to know about 7th grade english
  64. Mom of three year old twins need help
  65. Another newbie thinking of joining
  66. Subject Material for Canadian Members
  67. International students/ British English
  68. New Family with questions.....
  69. My Questions
  70. Introduction
  71. on 14 day trial - questions about Gifted program
  72. just joined...
  73. Thinking about homeschoolin soon to be 7th grader
  74. non-reading son
  75. Cancel or go on "vacation"
  76. new with a question
  77. Accessing T4L from another computer?
  78. When you are ready to sign up, here's how!
  79. Internet Connections?
  80. Need help please!
  81. New
  82. How much non screen material is there?
  83. Intro and questions
  84. Science & SS question
  85. Hello From Texas!
  86. Problems today?
  87. Accreditation
  88. One more new question and some thoughts
  89. a few questions
  90. Thinking of homeschooling and using this site
  91. Considering T4L in California
  92. Anybody using T4L with satellite internet??
  93. One more question - difficulty level of activities
  94. Question about Leveling Up
  95. From boxed curriculum to internet!
  96. Joining halfway through the year?
  97. Considering T4L - for K/1st grade DD
  98. Diagnostic/Placement Tests?
  99. If you are using bitdefender total security 2008
  100. Deciding on this curriculum, have questions...
  101. Deciding if HS is the best for my son.
  102. What is the Math Philosophy?
  103. Is there a way....
  104. If you are planning on trying t4l for just a month
  105. New to Homeschooling
  106. Online Child Safety - Where we go to get our news....
  107. Can't wait to join! Have questions...
  108. Question prior to joining...our family needs help to hs
  109. Possible new member
  110. PA Portfolios
  111. Trying to understand it all before joining
  112. paying for membership
  113. What about learning to write?
  114. Do you use the Lesson plans?
  115. One More
  116. Another Question
  117. Questions
  118. Reading?
  119. So how has T4L worked for your special needs kids
  120. Is this right for my son?
  121. transcript
  122. considering joining, question about supplementing
  123. Potential user with question about math
  124. To join or not to join.......
  125. New with questions!
  126. what is the best way to get started?
  127. Help! I've registered and I can't log on!
  128. Concerning different speeds of learning per subject.
  129. any similiar programs for grades 9-12?
  130. Thinking of starting this program...
  131. All the Reasons we choose Time4Learning!
  132. I am thinking about using this program
  133. Can I use it with a dial up connection?
  134. Homeschoolers: Why have you transferred your kids out of PS?
  135. Newbie - looking for 7th grade
  136. Parts of Speech?????
  137. new to site and program
  138. Just making sure
  139. Questions from potential user
  140. Grade Levels
  141. Social Bookmarking - those funny little icons
  142. Anybody using this for preschool?
  143. Lesson Time per subject
  144. Anyone with a dyslexic child using this program?
  145. Do You Pay During Vacations?
  146. christian homeschooler
  147. New with questions about 1st grade Language Arts
  148. curriculum question
  149. We are LOVING T4L!!!
  150. How many computers do I need to do this w/ 4 children?
  151. Language Arts, levels and assessments
  152. Cover School/Umbrella School
  153. Our Time4learning experience!
  154. Reading Skills Pyramid
  155. C A T Scores
  156. End of the year testing
  157. 7th Grade spelling curriculum?
  158. Thank You!
  159. Potential New User
  160. Books
  161. Printing out work - Portfolio Information
  162. A Few Questions
  163. Investigating options
  164. T4L as core curriculum?
  165. Another passer by with questions
  166. New and Really Confused
  167. Question On Quizzes and Progress
  168. Time on Task
  169. Peety Parrot
  170. Customizing Assignments
  171. scope and sequence and Lesson Plans
  172. Help! Crying mom here....
  173. Intro and question regarding good beginning readers
  174. I am totally confused with this program
  175. Considering Time4Learning and have some questions....
  176. answers/math
  177. Exploring use of T4L for 9yo BP, Dysgraphic, ADHD, 2E
  178. Just Started HS & Using T4L
  179. Lego Ergo Sum
  180. Error Message at Log In
  181. Just registered.... ???
  182. Peedy Parrot
  183. Homeschool Glossary & "Welcome to Homeschooling&quo
  184. New here and have a question.
  185. Sound and work completed
  186. I just want to look at the assignments ahead of time
  187. Time For Learning Works
  188. Help with Odessey Writer
  189. Printable Scope and Sequence -Need your input
  190. Intro and Experience with T4L
  191. More subjects in T4L??
  192. Worksheets without Answers (8th G math)
  193. Which lessons have materials needed or resources to print?
  194. Printable Tests
  195. Can this work for us?
  196. Where are scores for the State Simulation Assessment?
  197. How to Maximize Compass learning screen?
  198. Language Arts
  199. spelling
  200. memorizing math facts
  201. "My daughter now likes math!?
  202. Print Friendly Scope & Sequence?
  203. Newbie question
  204. Learning Odyssey & T4L
  205. planning
  206. State simulation assessments
  207. Account Setup
  208. What happens when...?
  209. accessing worksheets and curriculum content
  210. Do You Use T4L for Homeschool or Other?
  211. moving through a unit to completion
  212. ALGEBRA- answer sheets
  213. Decision Points in Odyssey
  214. 7th Grade Teacher Keys
  215. Teacher's Activity
  216. 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies/History
  217. 7th Grade Science
  218. Read aloud for dyslexia
  219. is the current lesson printable?
  220. Increase to next Level
  221. Odyssey Writer
  222. Why do we have to go throught the same story 4 times
  223. Science and math in 7th and 8th grades
  224. Purchase Math only, English only, etc.
  225. New graphics
  226. Schedule/Lesson Plan
  227. How do you organize your home school program?
  228. Brain Buzzers???
  229. Where do I find the spelling lists?
  230. Summer
  231. New here & questions
  232. my first post on this forum
  233. Why sign in as child to check out lessons and reports?
  234. Favorite Feature(s)
  235. Confused
  236. Homeschool question
  237. Answer Keys for Printable Worksheets?
  238. New
  239. Help me with playground please.
  240. Recorded activities
  241. Enrichment Use
  242. Worksheets
  243. Child's report
  244. educational level
  245. Quiz
  246. Writing Odyssey
  247. no sound
  248. Time4Learning Math Review
  249. Assignments?
  250. scope and sequence