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  1. Unable to log my student in
  2. Gray check marks considered not Completed
  3. New need help
  4. Issue with Lessons not completing
  5. Performance problems this morning?
  6. FEATURE REQUEST - restrict jumping around
  7. Issues with sound
  8. "Your enrollment has expired." ???!!!!??!!!!
  9. ecjivanh
  10. tkaieqqt
  11. Odyssey Writer malfunctioning?
  12. Help with activity link!
  13. Plan showing quizes checked of that were never taken
  14. made an error when registering........
  15. where are the odyssey writer assignments
  16. When my daughter "turns in" work, where can I go to see it?
  17. Where is the playground
  18. Flash is newest version, but lessons aren't showing up
  19. Pre algebra mod not working
  20. Pre algebra not working
  21. Typo in welcome message
  22. Chapter Test grading question
  23. Completed activities no longer checked
  24. game room
  25. lesson # written on student page???
  26. My daughters activites are not coming up
  27. where are worksheets that go with K Laungage Arts?
  28. Forum Link on New Dashboard?
  29. 6th grade science
  30. Portfolio not showing score
  31. Activity Planner Doesn't Show Up
  32. Student Reports won't close
  33. Time4Learning Preview Lessons No Home Button?
  34. Problems with a Science4Us activity.
  35. Grade are not averaging correctly.
  36. customize profile on forum
  37. The Lesson Just Repeats itself
  38. Testing for grade level didn't work
  39. activities
  40. student login
  41. Can't create a new Activity Plan
  42. How can I print all of the Language Arts Worksheets for 1st grade?
  43. Compass Learning not accessible (no help from Tech support)
  44. Gradebook?
  45. Not able to take chapter tests
  46. Wrong Answer Keys for Algebra II Activity Quiz LA#aqa2260 and LA#aqa2250
  47. Hi! New to the school and need hekp!!!
  48. tablets/smart phones
  49. Time4learning through Puffin Academy NEVER works for more than a few minutes
  50. English II LA# E2194 Showing a Different Lesson?
  51. help
  52. No credit for work done on iPad
  53. How to delete an Activity Planner
  54. Issues with setting up detailed account and adding breaks
  55. username change
  56. Assignments showing complete in Parent Area but not in Child's Activity Plan
  57. Can't access student report
  58. activity pages not loading/blank pages
  59. weekly break
  60. My screen is twitching
  61. My screen is twitching
  62. Answer Key does not match the quiz/test
  63. Course not beginning where I wanted it started
  64. Why is the answer wrong to a question when its right?
  65. Student plans
  66. How do I download and print each lesson so we can take notes and review
  67. Can I sort by day in the Activity Planner?
  68. Pdm6007
  69. Activity Planner Editing
  70. Change year completion date?
  71. Manage Activity Planner
  72. No Defaul for new lesson plan
  73. Missing Lesson Quiz Scores
  74. Student Can Only View One Activity Planner
  75. Can't make the game area work
  76. Big Red X during lesson Plan
  77. quiz mistakes
  78. Mistakes with quizzes.
  79. correct answers marked as in correct
  80. Gradebook
  81. Setting Proper Time Zone
  82. Date Stamp
  83. No voice/ black screen
  84. Why are passing grades being marked as failing?
  85. Unable to set Weekly Breaks in schedule planner/ Would like "Day" breaks as well
  86. Problem with quiz scores
  87. Learning Activity 329 Mesopotamian Government Quiz (4th Grade)
  88. How can I delete a duplicate lesson plan?
  89. Detailed Plan not working for activity planner
  90. Why is my child just getting a blank screen?
  91. Once the Kinks on the Activity Planner Are Worked Out ...
  92. activity planner update
  93. The Activity Planner is not working
  94. Assignments Tab not Displaying Assignments
  95. Odyssey Not loading
  96. T4L site crashing
  97. Weekly Activity Planner- PAGE NOT FOUND 404
  98. Action games in Playground not working
  99. T4L has been going great until......plug ins not supported
  100. Students Activity Schedule
  101. game room trouble
  102. lesson not working
  103. grade level change
  104. New Registration Help...
  105. tutorial for "independent practice" math grade 3?
  106. Odyssey writing issues...how to delete a paper
  107. Summary Reports showing my children failing when they are not...
  108. Having issues with many games in the playground...
  109. Math not showing up in activity scheduler
  110. Can't write notes on notes sidebar
  111. Erasing assignments with low percentage, is it possible? Special needs child.
  112. No sound on math test
  113. Issues with Oddysey
  114. Activity plan not showing on childs account
  115. Why can I not log into my students account.
  116. Scheduling Below Grade Level?
  117. Cannot Change Credit Card
  118. End of Grade testing, how to get my child to do better?
  119. EOG How my child can do better?
  120. scheduling assignments
  121. flashing arrow button not working on a lesson
  122. Trouble with plugin
  123. Android Tablet & Time 4 Learning
  124. Feature Requests?
  125. Help! Puffin academy not allowing access to links, is there a list?
  126. Answers to worksheets? Teacher Video volume does not correlate with lesson volume.
  127. Coloring of questions
  128. Fast talking lessons: change speaking rate?
  129. adding additional student when paying yearly
  130. Records?
  131. Posting thread...
  132. Can not upload work...
  133. Profile picture
  134. Trouble shooting
  135. Lesson Quizzes NOT grading properly
  136. shockwave problems
  137. Algebra Calculator
  138. New format
  139. Login Unsuccessful
  140. Cannot make changes to Account Settings
  141. Not able to reach T4L via telephone for assistance
  142. Today's work not found in log.
  143. How do I get the answers to the High School courses authentic tasks worksheets?
  144. Firefox is "deadly"!
  145. printing quizzes
  146. Lesson keeps loading forever !
  147. Image directory is full
  148. Prevent clicking through lesson without doing the work?
  149. Chapter review
  150. Redo quiz/tests and grades
  151. Marking Answer wrong but its right
  152. Green arrow not moving!
  153. Can't Find Science Lessons
  154. Why aren't any Science options showing up in activity planner?
  155. Trouble Logging in
  156. Help Printing Worksheets
  157. Run scheduler with assignments already done?
  158. Integrate two grade levels in the Activity Scheduler
  159. weekly report printout
  160. Browser issue
  161. combined grades for all subjects??
  162. Authentic tasks
  163. Problems Getting Lessons to Post to Student Records
  164. Am I the only one who cannot edit my profile?
  165. Forum Issue
  166. Need help with some functions on a tablet
  167. Can I set this program to progress through lessons automatically?
  168. Links in lessons that do not work
  169. High School US History
  170. US History I
  171. Picking up where we left off.
  172. assignments?
  173. Getting an error msg BR5002
  174. How long to get Newbies Posted?
  175. Compass Learning Odyssey Issues-Link Page Not Available
  176. Grading Odyssey written assignments
  177. Activity Scheduler
  178. Odyssey Writer
  179. Login Problems
  180. getting redirected to odyssey log in screen after i already login in
  181. login problem after switching to high school
  182. Why is my student not active yet?
  183. using a tablet
  184. Trying to edit information in my Profile in the Parent Community & Forum
  185. Middle School Earth and Space Science: Broken Link
  186. Is your server down or something!!??
  187. edit profile not working
  188. Wrong class on student schedule
  189. Failed to load plug in -
  190. Re-register
  191. To receive the quickest response on technical issues . . .
  192. Why can't I see or hear the lessons?
  193. Why is my student seeing an Odyssey login screen?
  194. Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?
  195. When I try to log in to my parent account, it takes me to the lower level login.
  196. When I try to access the Playground, it says, "Goodbye".
  197. When I try to print worksheets, I just get a blank page.
  198. I can't log in to the parent login. It says I have the wrong password.
  199. Incorrect Grading
  200. Flash-based Lessons Freezing
  201. Are changes happening in 4th grade Math?
  202. math problems
  203. Timing Out
  204. Kids frustrated with the constant distraction voices while figuring problems!
  205. Odyssey Writer Help
  206. seeing the scope
  207. How to complete an activity ?
  208. Question on Activity Scheduler
  209. How do I adjust the activity scheduler for holidays?
  210. Can't grade in Odyssey Writer
  211. Need tech support!
  212. dictionary use in science
  213. Weekly schedule can't type in notes
  214. art security certificate warning
  215. Activity Scheduler
  216. new lower level log in and F11
  217. Lost in Navigation
  218. Unable to log out
  219. student login
  220. High school geography
  221. High school geography
  222. Scheduling vacation (winter and spring break)?
  223. Quit button right next to the Next button...
  224. Is there anyway to re-set tests?
  225. Fix for YouTube videos not working in Firefox 23.0.
  226. How do you set up your T4L blog?
  227. Kindle Fire - not HD
  228. Assistance setting up Kindle FIre HD
  229. Student Records.. login failed?
  230. 3rd Grade Social Studies- Vikings
  231. Printing more than one Worksheet at a time?
  232. forum issues
  233. Setting up assignments
  234. Username
  235. Timer missing in lower log-in
  236. Odyssey Writing Prompt Missing
  237. Commenting on T4L community blogs...
  238. lesson planning help needed
  239. youtube videos not working - need help finding progress report
  240. Anyone use T4L on a chromebook?
  241. Login Issue
  242. How to use?
  243. Authentic Task: Roots & Base Words A: Grade 2
  244. Using Data, test question (MA2EB 22)
  245. Need Username Help
  246. Tests Timing Out
  247. Log in issue
  248. Can't access games area
  249. 1st grade math
  250. completed assignments