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  1. 3rd grade Language Arts Reading List Questions
  2. Worksheets, games, organizers and more
  3. 5th grade curriculum
  4. Reading Help! Struggling reader.....
  5. LA Extensions have really difficult reading?!?
  6. Math help for struggling child.
  7. LA645 Are there answers to the comprehension questions?
  8. School anxiety? ADD?
  9. health for 5th
  10. U.S. States Study Lessons
  11. Free Science Class on Cells
  12. Explore the Universe
  13. Free Geography Resources
  14. Learning multiplication tables
  15. 5th grade science and social studies?
  16. Training Videos
  17. 3rd Grade Spelling
  18. 5th Grade Spelling Units & Spelling City
  19. Great Book for Encouraging Journaling
  20. Free educational wedbsite with tons of stuff
  21. math lessons 4th grade
  22. 5th grade cumulative mathematics test??
  23. new and looking for vocab words with definitions
  24. Titanic
  25. Planner
  26. Music for homeschoolers
  27. Science supply list for 3rd grade
  28. Simple Grammar Games
  29. Any advice with writing help for 3rd grader
  30. It's a Party!
  31. History Resources
  32. Sound for 3 grade??
  33. Lots of Links!
  34. FUN Multiplication games for my 5th grader
  35. time it takes for daily assignments
  36. Remediation Phonetics for 3rd graders & up
  37. Math Supplements--Fractions (Mary--this one will help you!)
  38. Please Help. Question about Time4learning 5th grade curriculum
  39. Dong all the science experiments/social studies projects
  40. 4th Grade Reading
  41. extra worksheets for grammar
  42. Time 4 learning Workbooks
  43. Books for 4th and 5th LAX
  44. Free Blog Give-away
  45. Help if you can
  46. 3rd grade/viking lesson
  47. New Interactive Storytelling Resource
  48. scienc and social studies 4/5grade
  49. Any opinions about the math lessons for forth graders?
  50. Do you let your kids type their notes???
  51. Thanksgiving Links for Educational Goodies
  52. Plimoth Plantation Tuesday Nov. 15th
  53. FREE Fall Craft eBook
  54. Lack of Worksheets in Science/Social Studies, 4th Grade
  55. reading comprehension difficults in third grader
  56. U.S. History Site
  57. Science Site for grades 4-6 ( can go older or younger)
  58. Trees
  59. *sigh*
  60. Contest!!
  61. Question for ANYONE with a 5th grader
  62. HELP my 5th grader seems to HATE Soc Studies and Science and Language arts Ext
  63. Grade 3 language Arts characters are terrible
  64. 3rd Grade Science & Social Studies ..no read to me option or videos
  65. Reluctant learner
  66. Awesome Free Download from Amazon
  67. When Will You Begin Your Semester?
  68. Work Sheets on T4L
  69. It's Time to Think
  70. History for Elem. Kids
  71. Reducing Fractions
  72. Free Interactive Muliplication Video Game
  73. art lovers
  74. 3rd grade Math Lesson issues
  75. What am I missing?? (Grade 3 math)
  76. how do I tell how many activities are left for grade 5?
  77. New to Time4Learning
  78. Tall Tales & Folktales
  79. American History - 5 Full Length Cartoons
  80. Social Studies - Schoolhouse Rock American History/Politics
  81. Grade 3 Social Studies Christopher Columbus
  82. 3rd Grade Science - Astronomy
  83. Thanksgiving activities
  84. LA extension Grammar/Parts of speech
  85. T4L #328 Fourth Grade Social Studies Mesopotamian Writing
  86. Awesome!
  87. Thanks to T4L
  88. Formats for Our Docs-- What does everyone need?
  89. 5th Grade Social Studies: Olmec Study Guide\All Lessons
  90. TFL# 514: 4th Gr Social Studies: Exploring Ancient Mespotami
  91. 5th grade Social Studies/Civil War
  92. Third Grade/ Social Studies/ Vikings
  93. Can't Get Open Office Files to Convert
  94. 4th grade social studies ch.1 project supply list
  95. 5th grade science chapter 1 supply list
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  97. wow
  98. 4th Grade/Language Arts Extensions/Spelling Units