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  2. Near Bloomington (gosport). Looking for others!
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  5. Started Homeschooling with a "special needs" son. Boy do I need direction!
  6. I am so confused on state standards and what is or is not "ok"
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  12. Would love to meet other hs families around the Terre Haute area!!
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  14. Looking for senior high school girl to babysit Monday/Tuesday in Jan 2016 in Fishers
  15. Anyone here from the Bloomington area???
  16. New to the Journey with 2 special needs boys!
  17. from indiana around fayette county
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  22. Granger, Inidana thinking of homeschooling my 9yr old twins in the fall?
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  24. New to T4L but not to homeschooling
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  28. Another Great Link For State Studies
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  31. Are there any NWI Unschoolers/ Homeschooler families? This is my first post.
  32. needing some helpful advice
  33. Something new has been added to Facebook
  34. Governor Proclaims Home Education Week
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  36. I found some exciting events coming up
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  38. It's time to start thinking about conferences
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  41. New To Indiana and Homeschooling......
  42. Hello everyone, am I doing ok?
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  52. now what, next is high school
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  54. Help! Basic Indiana HS requirements.
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  64. Need info for high school homeschooling
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  66. Bradford Woods Homeschool Days
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  68. What One Thing Was Most Helpful To You
  69. home school jitters.
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  71. Anderson Indiana, home school family :)
  72. Using theNew York Times to add to homeschooling
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  74. It's A Star Star Spangled Symphony
  75. Kids Bowl Free This Summer
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  84. Welcome To the Indiana Parent Forum
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  93. What are your favorite Indiana homeschool websites?
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  95. Do you have cleaning up or organizing tips for homeschoolers
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  97. Indiana State Museum for Homeschoolers
  98. Homeschool Schedule: Our "Organized" Week
  99. September Activity: Apple Orchards!
  100. Have you gone on a great field trip in Indiana?
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