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  6. Looking for a good place for kids Christmas party in OKC/Edmond area. Advice?
  7. cant figure this out
  8. Home schooling at FT sill 3rd grader
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  10. home school enrollment with custody issues
  11. Grammar vs Language Arts
  12. Homeschool 3 in NW OKC
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  14. Fairly new, anyone from NW OK?
  15. Fairly new, anyone from NW OK?
  16. How to homeschool in oklahoma
  17. Homeschooling & ADHD
  18. Frustrated with Public New Homeschool Mom
  19. Just starting homeschooling in NW OKC
  20. Robbed of education
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  23. New to Central Oklahoma, 4 homeschooling kiddos-- Hello neighbors and T4L families!
  24. In need of some support..
  25. public school needs the "boot".
  26. If my child is not up to grade level can I start them at a lower grade?
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  28. New to Time 4 Learning and Homeschooling
  29. looking for families in the mid-del area
  30. Hello. New to all this....
  31. changing homeschool programs
  32. In Chickasha, first time posting
  33. From Osage, OK. New to homeschooling. 7th grader.
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  40. Looking for families in Elk City area
  41. Thinking of homeschooling but have a child with disabilities
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  44. New to all this.....
  45. High School Math Teacher Turns to Homeschool...
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  47. Free State Notebooking Pages
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  49. Looking for familys in Broken Arrow, Tulsa area
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  51. Homeschooler moving from FL to OK
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  55. How's the year going so far?
  56. Back to School Tax Exempt Days! :)
  57. Most recent post for Oklahoma homeschool moms
  58. Due to gangs in the school I'm homeschooling my 8th grade son rest of year and have ?
  59. Any BA/Tulsa area T4L users??
  60. New to T4L and homeschooling
  61. Any homeschool mom's of Asperger's kids in Tulsa, Ok?
  62. Any homeschool mom's of Asperger's kids in Tulsa, Ok?
  63. Thanksgiving Themed Spelling
  64. Virtual Book Release Party!
  65. who knows about this warehouse i have heard of that can help provide needs for h/s
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  67. Hi everyone
  68. Looking for Meetups in Midwest City Area
  69. Mastering Math when other activities are not complete
  70. looking for meetup group in Moore/SW OKC area
  71. Not-Back-To-School? :)
  72. new to Ok need homeschool- not online
  73. Looking for a playing group 4-8
  74. Any activities planned for your summer?
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  76. trouble getting started
  77. Cheer 4 Christ Pom Summer Camp ages 4-16yrs
  78. How Many Homeschoolers Are There? (post from older state group)
  79. adding curriculum ? (post from older state group)
  80. Homeschool Athletics... (post from older state group)
  81. How do I level my kid up in grades? (post from older state group)
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  95. We talked about the WHY, now for the HOW...
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