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  6. National Merit Semifinalist
  7. ROBO-Battle @ Colorado STEAM Academy
  8. Piano Lessons @ Colorado STEAM Academy
  9. STEAM Summer Day Camps
  10. Piano Lesson Informational Meeting
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  12. looking for math students to teach (no fee)
  13. Can we withdraw our kids mid-year to homeschool?
  14. Blended Learning - Colorado Springs
  15. Table of Contents ? 1st Grade (board of education is requesting)
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  23. Middle school 13 yr old girl looking for friend
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  25. How do I integrate Time4Learning with public curriculum
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  27. NEED HELP! Homeschooling for a Senior!
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  30. Automtoive Vocational Program
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  32. New Karate School for gym credit
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  35. standardized testing
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  41. New to homeschool in Arvada co
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  44. Denver Inclusive Homeschoolers
  45. just joined, from loveland
  46. Assistance in the Colorado Springs Area, Please.
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  55. Frederick, Firestone, or Dacono???
  56. Anyone in Western Colorado?
  57. When Does Your School Year Begin?
  58. Looking for a homeschooling parent to watch my 1 year old boy 2 days per week Arvada
  59. Facebook Users???
  60. State Notebooking Pages: Free
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  62. Looking for fellow homeschoolers in Aurora..
  63. New to colorado springs and 1st time home schooling
  64. end of year testing
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  68. Do You Hate Teaching Spelling??
  69. Are You Traveling This Holiday Season?? If so, check this out!
  70. how does this work? ???
  71. Groups in Broomfield/Westminster for kids with chronic illness?
  72. we are looking for support groups in NW denver/Highlands area
  73. Colorado requirements
  74. Going Back To Public School Next Year?
  75. Terrie
  76. considering a move to Coloardo
  77. 14th Homeschool Book Fair--Colorado Springs
  78. Homeschool Day at Elitch Gardens
  79. resources to core material on the CSAP
  80. Homeschooling this fall for the first time
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  82. cumpulsory attendance
  83. Can I homeschool 1 subject only?
  84. Out With the Old...
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  86. Homeschooling an Autistic child in Colorado Springs
  87. It's a Party!
  88. hello
  89. Howdy Time
  90. Welcome to the Colorado State Forum!
  91. New homeschooling group in Green Valley Ranch
  92. Homeschool Sports Opportunity
  93. Newby in Greeley
  94. Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest 2011
  95. What about online?
  96. Spring Family Fun at Elitches
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  98. Join the T4L Cyber Book Club!
  99. Is homeschooling on the rise?
  100. Entrance to all 392 National Parks is FREE April 17-25th!
  101. Free summer bowling!
  102. music, art, theater...
  103. how to avoid springtime burnout?
  104. Unsocialized homeschoolers?
  105. supplementing Time4Learning with other materials
  106. Why are you homeschooling?
  107. high school transcripts for homeschoolers
  108. FREE unit study on US First Ladies
  109. Homeschool Day at the Capitol
  110. What homeschool support groups do you belong to?
  111. Museums make great field trips! List 'em here!
  112. Getting through the January winter blahs...
  115. Thanksgiving is here! What are you doing?
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