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  5. How to Hand in writing through the Odyssey Writer
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  8. new to home schooling in Kansas
  9. Anyone in the Wichita Area?
  10. Moving to Kansas from the south and homeschooling for the first time
  11. wanting to pull my kid out of school to home school him what are the 1st steps to tak
  12. Planning on homeschooling for the rest of the year after spring break and a move
  13. Can I pay someone else to homeschool my child
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  29. New to the program, advice welcomed and appreciated
  30. How to know if they pass the grade? Play groups?
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  32. A Chilly day in Kansas
  33. Thanksgiving Themed Spelling
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  40. Give away reading program, "Words Their Way"
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  42. How Many Homeschoolers Are There? (post from older state group)
  43. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (post from older state group)
  44. Starting in the middle (post from older state group)
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  46. Are you homeschooling a special needs or gifted child? (post from older state group)
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  54. Utilizing the "Dormant Account" feature? (post from older state group)
  55. How can I find help with career planning for my kid? (post from older state group)
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  57. Homeschool penny pinchers...
  58. What part does T4L play?
  59. moving to Kansas--please Help!
  60. How do you homeschool?
  61. When and why did you make the choice to homeschool?
  62. Has the school system helped your homeschooling family??
  63. Show your homeschool group spirit! :)
  64. Do you ever get frustrated with homeschooling in Kansas?
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  68. Why Parents are the Best Teachers
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