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  3. Hello and Welcome!
  4. New to homeschooling in Michigan!
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  6. Searching for other Homeschooler ?
  7. http://cherryblossomsdress.ru
  8. End of "School Year" reports
  9. Homeschooling other children
  10. April Special - $12.95 for the whole family!
  11. Virtual k-12 vs. Homeschooling, my soon to be 4th grader, but scared that i'll fail
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  13. Homeschoolers in public school sports
  14. homeschool apprehension
  15. homeschoolers in Ingham county Michigan
  16. Homeschool help or teacher for 10th grader
  17. penpal opportunity
  18. High school
  19. Homeschool Football In Michigan
  20. Curious about Homeschooling
  21. New to homeschooling a high schooler! Starting at 10th grade.
  22. homeschooling
  23. any homeschoolers in the Ionia area?
  24. Artist considering offering classes in Mid Michigan
  25. Kalamazoo County, MI
  26. Bible Instructor
  27. New 6th grade homeschooling boy in Milford/Novi/Brighton area
  28. Help getting started - Michigan laws
  29. parent
  30. Where in Michigan are you?
  31. How do I go about registering my 5 yo (preschool) and 3 yo for home school in Mi?
  32. Pictures from collective networks
  33. Proposed Homeschool laws for Michigan
  34. Looking for certified special ed teacher to home school my 3 kids
  35. any one near chesterfield that can help me get started?
  36. Tutoring
  37. Tutoring
  38. Looking for a homeschool group in the metro Detroit area?
  39. Thinking about pulling my child out of Public School
  40. Looking for help...
  41. Looking for performing arts programs for 9th grader
  42. Living Overseas
  43. Homeschool mom in southwest mi..area
  44. New to homeschooling have some questions i would like to ask?
  45. Questions I'm new
  46. I have been homeschooling for 2 months now , Clio MI
  47. jehovahs witness's homeschooler
  48. New to T4L. High Func. Autism Teen. Jackson MI. Any like minded families in the area?
  49. Marquette/ishpeming Homeschoolers
  50. HOMESCHOOLERS in Lapeer County - Looking to get together with a group periodically
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  52. Bay City Homeschool seeking support and/or play date friends!
  53. Hello, Im new here
  54. 1st/2nd grader things I have found
  55. Hello parents.New to t4l we are in montcalm county.
  56. home school guidelines and regulations
  57. Home School Group
  58. Report cards, progress reports and transcripts
  59. Questions about home schooling
  60. Is anybody homeschooling in Battle Creek or close by?
  61. new here
  62. Midland/tri city area homeschoolers?
  63. New to time4learning-HELP...lol (Saint Clair Shores, MI)
  64. Is there anyone in the saint Joseph or branch county?
  65. Loving T4L!!
  66. New to time 4 learning
  67. New to Time4learning.com-and LOVING it!!! : )
  68. New to Time4learning.com-and LOVING it!!! : )
  69. New to Homeschool in Kalamazoo
  70. Hello, Michiganders...We're new to T4L!
  71. NEW to homeschooling.. Where Do I Begin A 1st Grade Education for our daughter??!
  72. researching how to get started
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  74. Kindergarten Jackson County
  75. New to Time4Learning and still newer to home schooling
  76. Free Museum Days for Michigan Homeschoolers!
  77. Graduating from Home school?
  78. First timer/Dad :)
  79. Hello!
  80. what do I do first? thinking of homeschooling this fall 11th grader
  81. Social Activities for Home Schoolers
  82. First Time Homeschooling
  83. Just stopping to say hi
  84. Having trouble
  85. Happy
  86. Hi All !!!
  87. New to homeschooling:)
  88. New to homeschooling
  89. pls help! referral to child svcs for homeschooling
  90. what MI require for science and social studies
  91. Saying Hello
  92. Homeschool/Christian T-shirt Sale!
  93. 2012 Homeschool Conventions!
  94. i.am FIRST Science is Rock and Roll on ABC Sunday, 8-14
  95. New to Homeschooling - Questions on Testing / PS
  96. Any Homeschooler's in Northern Michigan?
  97. looking for home school coop
  98. MR and YA eNovels set in Michigan
  99. Summer School
  100. Violin/Viola Lessons in Canton!
  101. Where do I begin?
  102. non-religion based homeschooling groups?
  103. New to Homeschooling
  104. new to homeschooling in Michigan, any advice?
  105. Interested in homeschool my special needs/developmental delayed child
  106. Your favorite extracurricular homeschool activity in Michigan?
  107. Tell us 1 good and 1 bad thing that happened in homeschooling this week?
  108. Michigan Homeschoolers - Tell us your best & worst day homeschooling!
  109. Michigan Home Education Convention 2010
  110. What's your favorite homeschool group?
  111. What's your homeschool schedule like in Michigan?
  112. Michigan homeschooling frustrations?
  113. Michigan Museums and Attractions
  114. List of Performances by Homeschool Performing Arts in SW Michigan!
  115. Your child can do sports thru public schools in Michigan!
  116. What's the best source of information online for homeschooling in Michigan?
  117. Welcome to T4L in Michigan!
  118. Introduction
  119. Why Parents are the Best Teachers
  120. Young Scientist Challenge--3M Discovery Education
  121. The Art Experience
  122. Need an education option
  123. New to home school
  124. Debating homeschooling in Michigan
  125. Debating homeschooling in Michigan
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