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  25. Hello! I am new from Polo, IL
  26. Urgetn - Need advice
  27. Hello everyone
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  30. In Macoupin Co Illinois!
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  32. Playmate or Playgroup for Homeschoolers.
  33. Part Time Home School
  34. Step by step instructions to Complete Your Self-teach Year Solid
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  41. Hello from Chicago
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  50. Just wanted to introduce myself
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  54. Hi All! New Homeschooler hoping to find supportive network
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  62. Help ! What can i do?
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  70. helping my son
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  72. Office Gry Online Hazardowe Office Software
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  75. Please help!!!!!!!
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  81. I am thinking of home schooling my 8th grade son with ADHD
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  84. Losing confidence in myself
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  88. New Here
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  92. Pass grades
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  94. Mom of 3
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  97. I wonder if anyone has faced a similar situation
  98. working in illinois
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  100. Using T4L as a core . stand alone curriculum
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  102. Any homeschoolers from the champaign/urbana area?
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  104. New to this. McHenry County 6th grader
  105. New to this site & New to Homeschooling...Anyone near Melrose Park/Oak Park?
  106. Are there any other Homeschoolers in the Streator IL area, or LaSalle County?
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  109. New to homeschooling
  110. Fine arts and health??
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  115. Certified Teacher
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  117. Upcoming Field Trip to Mesker Park Zoo
  118. New to homeschool and t4l..from illinois
  119. Homeschool/Christian T-shirt Sale!
  120. 2012 Homeschool Conventions!
  121. Dual enrollment for a fourth grader
  122. i.am FIRST Science is Rock and Roll on ABC Sunday, 8-14
  123. Lansing,IL
  124. Teen Electric Guitar Jam - Naperville Area?
  125. Where do you start?!?
  126. Where do you start?!?
  127. Mom Group in Bloomington/Normal Area
  128. Homeschooling other kids-
  129. What would you look for?
  130. High School
  131. Looking for Children to HomeSchool
  132. Welcome to Illinois Homeschooling Forum
  133. When do you take breaks?
  134. How many hours do you spend homeschooling?
  135. Should Homeschoolers be Allowed to Play on Public School Sports Teams?
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  137. Midwest Homeschool Convention
  138. What have *you* learned from homeschooling?
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  149. Middle or Southern Illinois info anyone?
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  154. Illinois homeschooling law
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  159. I'm new here also
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