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  1. Help with curriculum
  2. Homeschool Unit Study Supplement: Florida State Facts
  3. Plunging into homeschooling mid-year
  4. Seminole County Get Togethers
  5. Florida Field Trips for Homeschoolers
  6. Hello and Welcome!
  7. reqiurements
  8. Looking to launch a Homschool support program in Venice FLorida
  9. Is there anyone in the Broward County, FL area or near Deerfield Beach, FL?
  10. How to Meet Foreign Language Requirement for Florida Colleges
  11. High School Homeschool
  12. diplomas
  13. Need help starting homeschooling
  14. Experienced Tutor available for homeschoolers
  15. Best middle/high school for high functioning autism child
  16. How to choice the right program?
  17. Just starting Osceola county FL
  18. New homeschooler in Ocala
  19. Concerned about certain home schooled children
  20. New to homeschooling in Jacksonville, Fl.
  21. Moving to Orlando
  22. Homeschooling in Madeira Beach, Florida
  23. New to Time 4 Learning
  24. How to convince my wife to do home schooling?
  25. New to Royal Palm Beach
  26. New to Time4learning
  27. FPEA Pass Giveaway!
  28. FPEA Homeschool Convention
  29. Fleming Island, FL - Thinking of homeschooling 4th grader next year
  30. Marion or Lake County
  31. Florida & Broward Homeschooling Resources
  32. HELP! ( Highschool homeschooler questions )
  33. FPEA Special Needs and Struggling Learner Conference
  34. Just starting in Riverview/Tampa
  35. New to homeschooling
  36. Homeschooling Requirements
  37. Palm Beach County Homeschool Expo!
  38. Anybody in Sarasota?
  39. Homeschoolers in Brevard county?
  40. Winter Haven Area Homeschoolers
  41. Looking for playdates in hardee or manatee county
  42. FPEA Orlando Convention
  43. Still looking for Volusia County Families
  44. Annual Educational Evaluation
  45. How to start the homeschooling process?
  46. help my daughter just started last week and is getting many 60's
  47. 19 year old 1/2 way thru senior year (homeschool) vs getting GED
  48. College Issues
  49. Switching to homeschooling mid-year
  50. Polk County Homeschooling
  51. North Florida Homeschoolers
  52. new to T4L
  53. Great interview with a Florida homeschool mom!
  54. Anyone from Palm Beach County
  55. Does anyone use this curriculum solely for homeschool?
  56. Do I place my son in first or second grade for language arts??
  57. Home schooling in jacksonville,fl
  58. New Homeschool
  59. Anyone in Mount Dora / Apopka Area?
  60. Homeschool Group Tutoring Program
  61. Enrolled for Summer...now what? Need advice...
  62. Florida families
  63. Homeschooling Grandmother
  64. I am in Saint Petersburg and this is my 9yr old daughters first week with time4learni
  65. New Homeschooler-Jacksonville, Florida
  66. Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Homeschool Conference
  67. anyone homeschooling elementary age in volusia county?
  68. Homeschooling in North Port
  69. anyone homeschooling in Marion County Florida
  70. Tallahasse and surrounding areas
  71. Homeschooling in Venice FL
  72. NEW to T4L Pasco Co. w/ 6 yo son
  73. Melbourne/Brevard groups?
  74. New homeschooler 5th grade, Miami Lakes
  75. new Homeschooler in Jennings Florida
  76. Student in Altamonte springs
  77. New homeschool 4th grader mom Winter Haven FL
  78. Do I Need to Notify the School? Newbie!
  79. New to Homes Schooling!!!
  80. FLVS vs Time 4 Learning
  81. What does my kindergartener need to know?
  82. Ft Lauderdale Region Worthwhile Educational Visits
  83. Interesting news article about FL and Umbrella schooling
  84. Anyone from Vero Beach
  85. Brand new student, looking for friends
  86. Advise needed on suggested curriculum for 2 year old.
  87. Looking for teacher to evaluate around Pasco or other areas we frequent
  88. Winter Springs, Fl (Seminole County)
  89. Confused and need help asap.
  90. Welcome to the Florida Forum
  91. New homeschool mom of 5th grader in Clermont, FL
  92. any clermont florida home schoolers
  93. 1st time homeschooling-with first grader w/aspergers in Palm Beach County-
  94. any homeschool moms in naples, fl?
  95. New Rookie Homeschool Single Mom from Miami
  96. We are new to Florida and new to homeschooling.
  97. Can any current T4L users out there tell me how they kids are "measuring up"?
  98. Tampa florida
  99. Anyone near Apollo Beach?
  100. Orlando, Thinking of Starting T4L for 4th Grade
  101. Florida laws question
  102. Hello
  103. Hello Home Schoolies
  104. Stay @home Dad New to Time 4 Learning
  105. Anyone in Jacksonville/Orange Park?
  106. Back-to-School ?
  107. Anyone here from Volusia County?
  108. New to Time for Learning
  109. Fun Art Activity Orlando, Fl area
  110. First-Time Homeschooler!
  111. New mama to Homeschooling
  112. Anyone in Brevard?
  113. New to T4L. But not so new to homeschooling or at least Virtual Schooling.
  114. Plans for the summer
  115. State Notebook Pages for the kids
  116. Bradenton/Sarasota.....
  117. Needing help in Gilchrist County - Should I homeschool?
  118. Correct me if I'm wrong
  119. Activities,same interests and math help
  120. Clermont
  121. I need help from how enter assigments in the clas time4learning from my childs.
  122. Does FL accept T4L program?
  123. Anyone in the Davenport/Kissimmee area?
  124. Evaluator?
  125. !st time to homeschooling ~ have question
  126. 2013 SF Homeschool Convention
  127. Starting in the middle of the year..need help!
  128. Using T4L as primary curriculm
  129. Using T4L as primary curriculm
  130. East Orlando Area
  131. Polk County Florida
  132. Valentine's Day
  133. Crestview mom FCAT?
  134. Florida residents living out of country>>>Where to start with homeschooling?? HELP!
  135. **Moving to fort myers area,Need help Plz!**
  136. Anyone in Fort Myers area
  137. Brand New To T4L...question about "timer" and lesson plans
  138. Everyone in the florida forum is so nice (:
  139. 2013 Florida Homeschool Conventions
  140. New to Hollywood Homeschool Family Looking to Make New Friends
  141. Homeschooling in Santa Rosa
  142. Looking for Sarasota Home Schoolers....
  143. Christmas Near the Beach in Hollywood, Florida 12/15/12
  144. Homeschooling in Crystal River, Florida
  145. Broward County
  146. Upcoming Events...
  147. Need Withdrawal Help!
  148. How's the year going so far?
  149. needing home school programs for state of florida
  150. new to homeschooling Kendall/South Miami area
  151. Question about yearly evaluation
  152. Hello, from Melbourne, FL :)
  153. Hello
  154. meeting groups, tallahassee, fl
  155. Jacksonville anyone?
  156. St. Pete Meetup Group?
  157. Activity groups for Space Coast kids?
  158. Signed up yesterday and kinda nervous (Fl)
  159. Moving grade level
  160. Upgrading grade level please
  161. evaluation
  162. Kids Significantly Behind Schedule
  163. Looking for homeschool group or meetings in Keystone Heights or Gainesville area
  164. Please help?!
  165. Back to School Tax Exempt Days! :)
  166. School for children with special needs in Pinellas County FL uses Time 4 Learning
  167. New To T4 L Here On The Space Coast
  168. Annual Evaluation Question
  169. Newbie
  170. Evaluation Questions
  171. New to homeschooling
  172. Florida Courts and Homeschooling??
  173. Homeschool and summer break?
  174. help!
  175. Greetings from Pensacola!
  176. Help with portfolio-newbie
  177. New to homeschool
  178. Any one homeschooling in the Bradford/Union/Clay County areas?
  179. testing and finding out if my children are on grade level
  180. Mid-year start and traditional end of school year
  181. New homeschoolers with questions
  182. Help with reading
  183. New today in FL!
  184. Liz
  185. hendry county
  186. I really need some help understanding assesments
  187. Anyone home schoolong in Branford area?
  188. Anyone out there?
  189. Help with my options for home schooling
  190. Homeschoolers in Sanford or Seminole County - non secular
  191. Any one on Santa Rosa county?
  192. University of Florida's E-Fair 2012
  193. Going to homeschool our 4th grader - need advice
  194. Ocala Homeschoolers?
  195. When do I help and how much?
  196. Where is my post?
  197. Anyone from Tallahassee and homeschooling?
  198. Considering homeschooling
  199. New to homeschooling and T4L in Osceola Cnty
  200. new to T4L
  201. Considering switching to homeschooling...
  202. New to Time 4 Learning
  203. Thanksgiving Themed Spelling
  204. Virtual Book Release Party!
  205. Anyone in Hernando County?
  206. "I want to go to real school" Has anyone heard this one from their child?
  207. Decisions to make
  208. Anyone in Orange County grade level 3rd Grade
  209. LegoLand
  210. Ren Faire
  211. anyone in hendry co.
  212. Free Civil War Poster from Teachinghistory.org
  213. 1st time home schooling
  214. Florida Aquarium Homeschool Day
  215. New to this from Miami
  216. considering move to Jacksonville
  217. video making computer class for middle school kids
  218. South Lake family looking for others
  219. New here from south Lake county
  220. Anyone live in Lee or Collier County?
  221. Help!
  222. Grandmother
  223. Upcoming homeschool events...
  224. Brevard County
  225. Hillsborough County (FL) is not accepting Time4Learning for our daughter's enrollment
  226. Not-Back-To-School? :)
  227. Testing
  228. Charlotte County Families
  229. advice for ADHD/Dyslexic child
  230. Questions
  231. Starting today
  232. Summer Activities...
  233. Considering moving to Florida around the beach... Homeschool and area info please
  234. New to Time 4 Learning
  235. Lee Co.Fl. Does anyone HS here?
  236. Time 4 Learning and ADHD
  237. Is T4L enough?
  238. Upcoming Florida Events and Homeschool Convention Info
  239. New to Time 4 Learning
  240. Help :)
  241. Does anybody know of any non-denominational homeschooling groups
  242. New to T4L
  243. Hi, I'm new to the group
  244. How Many Homeschoolers Are There? (post from older state group)
  245. Going "Rogue" if you had to...? (post from older state group)
  246. Homeschooling newbies...? (post from older state group)
  247. Utilizing the "Dormant Account" feature? (post from older state group)
  248. Teachers (post from older state group)
  249. Can someone help me with a high school transcript? (post from older state group)
  250. Florida History Project... (post from older state group)