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  2. 1st timer help needed for 4yr old, lost his pks no money for preschool
  3. Can I wait to start my 5 yr old and instead start him at 6 for kindergarten?
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  38. Know any good History reading books?
  39. Can Crusher Experiment~ Cool Science Experiment
  40. 2010 Conference & Curriculum Fair Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii
  41. Do you have class inside on beautiful days or outside?
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  46. What support do you have for your child's special learning needs?
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  48. What do you think is the best source of info. online for homeschooling in Hawaii?
  49. Are there homeschooling stores you like in your area?
  50. Organizing made my life happier how about you?
  51. Why Parents are the Best Teachers
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