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  3. Retake Quizzes and Tests
  4. penpal opportunity
  5. New to Le Claire...Quad Cities Area, Iowa
  6. Opportunity to learn coding with the Congressional App Challenge and App-A-Thon
  7. Portfolio Assessment
  8. New To Homeschooling
  9. Moving to state and confused about requirements
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  11. trying to locate S/N-R homeschoolers in southern Iowa
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  16. What area of Iowa has the most homeschoolers?
  17. Local Kids to join my son for some weekend field trips or adventures?
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  20. New Education Legislation Lifts Some Restrictions on Homeschooling in IA
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  23. Moving to Iowa
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  26. How's the year going so far?
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  30. Non-legal guardian teaching?
  31. Back to School Tax Exempt Days! :)
  32. Newbie a little confused lol
  33. help!!
  34. Any one in Sioux City?
  35. Thanksgiving Themed Spelling
  36. Virtual Book Release Party!
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  38. Iowa home schooling laws- HELP?
  39. Transferrign from texas to iowa
  40. Help..I need info
  41. Not-Back-To-School? :)
  42. Baseline tests
  43. Any summer plans?
  44. Upcoming Iowa Events and Homeschool Convention Info
  45. How Many Homeschoolers Are There? (post from older state group)
  46. Roll Call (post from older state group)
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  56. Utilizing the "Dormant Account" feature? (post from older state group)
  57. Doing any Fun Crafts or Science Experiments this summer (post from older state group)
  58. Crafts or projects that are fun or educational (post from older state group)
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  61. Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
  62. When do you take breaks?
  63. Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Exhibit
  64. Midwest Homeschool Convention
  65. HSAP funding cuts
  66. Some good press
  67. Homeschool Conference
  68. When people bless you with their opinions on homeschooling...
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  71. NICHE Homeschool Day at the Capitol
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  73. Iowa Homeschooling Pet Peeves
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  76. Des Moines Register article and Iowa budget?
  77. Homeschool New Year's Resolutions
  78. I am retiring at a young age
  79. Help with filling out CPI Form
  80. Hurray for the snow storm but school goes on
  81. The busy holiday season
  82. Thanksgiving Projects?
  83. Welcome from your newest Iowa moderator!
  84. Fun Family Fall Traditions
  85. Keeping the body in shape and homeschooling
  86. Stress relief or getting a break from it all
  87. Fall Field Trips in Iowa
  88. Any grear field trip ideas
  89. CPI forms are due August 26
  90. Plans for this school year