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  6. Splash: Fun learning event for middle and high schoolers
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  10. UCONN Field Trip for Homeschoolers
  11. Interesting read for Connecticut residents: Government Attack on Homeschoolers
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  18. CT Science Center Homeschool Day September 19th 2013
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  22. 4th Annual Homeschool Day June 10 At Quassy Amusement Park
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  27. Have You Ever Thought About Homeschooling Teens?
  28. Has anyone opted out of filing a NOI in Manchester, CT?
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  30. It's Almost Time For Tax Free
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  32. 10 Reasons Not To Homeschool
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  47. I support homeschool parents and kids in CT
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  49. What One Thing Was Most Helpful To You
  50. Homeschooling in Connecticut
  51. Using the News to Supplement
  52. Question about laws for homeschooling in CT
  53. Don't miss the Concert in the Park this Summer. Every Friday.
  54. Have you been to the Danbury City Fair
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  63. Would you be willing to help T4L with a Project? (compensation provided)
  64. Is there a subject you absolutely hate to teach
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  67. Snowing Again
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  69. Timeexpo: The timex museum
  70. What frustrations do you find homeschooling in Connecticut
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  75. CT rep gives incorrect legal info
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