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  1. The Pig in the Pantry And other homeschool tales by Rose Godfrey
  2. Reading for older children
  3. Book club
  4. Warm Thoughts Create Winners! Mug Giveaway!
  5. Big Thinkers: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences
  6. Exciting Announcement!
  7. Chapter Twelve- Difference Between Learning STYLE and Learning DISABILITY?
  8. Chapter Eleven- Putting It All Together!
  9. Chapter Nine & Ten Discussion- How do we Understand/ How many ways can we be smart?
  10. Chapter Seven & Eight Discussion- How do we concentrate/remember?
  11. Test To Discover Your Learning Style
  12. Chapter Two Through Six Discussion
  13. Week One Assignment--What Is A Learning Style?
  14. The Way They Learn-- Schedule & Guidelines
  15. Introducing the Cyber Book Club