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  1. New starting in the middle of year
  2. Reading list
  3. Should I be using sight word flash cards?
  4. How to teach good habits?
  5. Reading Level - 1st Grade
  6. Reading Level
  7. 3rd grader homeschooling advice.
  8. Spanish for lower elementary
  9. My son will start first grade soon
  10. First Grade Language Arts and Language Art Extensions Compatibility
  11. Can't find afterschool programs
  12. Free Math App for Kids
  13. Science4Us is available for K-3rd Graders!
  14. Mark assignment as completed by parent?
  15. Read to me feature?
  16. Needin help for my 2nd grader
  17. To homeschool or to not homeschool?
  18. How to get your kindergarten motivated for waking up for school?
  19. Anyone make a 1st grade success chart?
  20. 3rd Grade Reading List Resources
  21. Considering Home Schooling
  22. Teacher's reaction on first grader's mistake
  23. 2nd Grade-a few questions...
  24. Trying to find assessments for my daughter , I puller her out mid year
  25. Science4Us
  26. Teacher printouts
  27. Beginning Writing - 1st/2nd grade
  28. New to T4L
  29. Getting the text to read out loud
  30. 5 Year old about to be 6. New to Homeschooling help please!
  31. Writing Practice for a 1st, 3rd and 5th Grader
  32. Feeling like I'm failing whn work isn't all completed that day!
  33. patriotism/citizenship,alcohol/drug/tabacco misuse,road safety/fire prevention for K
  34. Frustrated cuz Im not sure how to not overwhelm my 6 1/2 yr old!!!!!
  35. Show and Tell
  36. Kindergarten Record keeping?
  37. Spelling
  38. Multiple chances to use the playground?
  39. Does anyone have the contact information for the homeschooling Association NewJersey
  40. Chapter tests 1st grade language artss, and possibly other subjects
  41. Recommended Books - from Lessons
  42. Problems with Greater Than, Less Than and Equal To
  43. end of year testing?
  44. 4 year old way advanced what do I do?
  45. how much more do we have to complete?
  46. Would you help Science4Us out?
  47. Checks on Completed Tasks
  48. 3rd grade multiplication
  49. Need help making a report card and re-doing un-mastered lessons
  50. going thru the summer
  51. Third Grade Math
  52. chapter test
  53. Number of Lessons Per Subject Per Day?
  54. Penpal please
  55. Worksheets
  56. how will i know when we are done with a grade?
  57. Maybe a technical question about worksheets
  58. Learning Activities Retake?
  59. Scoring in lower level learning
  60. reading reports
  61. "done" checked off items
  62. 300 Brand New Science Activities!
  63. Quiz
  64. Coordinating Guides/Worksheets with online work
  65. Assigning daily work?
  66. Just joined, what do I do first?
  67. new to time4 learning and confused!
  68. Gradebook?
  69. Assessment
  70. Question about Activity calculator
  71. 1st grader withdrawn from school mid-year, looking to connect :)
  72. Assignments?
  73. Confused
  74. 1st grader with behavior probles help!!!
  75. Starting home school almost in the middle of the school year...
  76. Elementary Grammar - need more practice
  77. Using the iPad with my K student
  78. 5 year old acting out and pooping
  79. Reading List
  80. 1st and 2nd grade Math
  81. What are the guidelines to homeschooling your child in Missouri?
  82. Work sheets
  83. 3rd Grade Chapter Tests
  84. First Grade Frustrations
  85. Grade 1 LA Extensions
  86. We would love a pen pal for six year old daughter
  87. 3rd grade science & history
  88. School Breaks With Homeschoolers
  89. Schedule Planner
  90. Teaching and reviewing spelling for 2nd grader
  91. First Post / New to Homeschooling
  92. Lower level Handwriting
  93. question
  94. How do I find the worksheets?
  95. First Year Homeschooling Mom of 3rd Grader in Virginia
  96. Help?
  97. Grading system
  98. How do I give my child access to the playground?
  99. 1st grade
  100. How do I test my Childs level in Subject matter?
  101. concerning finished lessons
  102. Question on Retaking Quizzes and Chapter Test
  103. Results on things other than quizzes
  104. Time 4 Learning update
  105. 3rd Grade Math? Boring? Not fun, Not Working for my daughter.....HELP!
  106. Chapter 2: Playtime in the Park: Worksheets 2A and 2B Lesson 1: Moose Park Footrace
  107. "authentic task" worksheets
  108. First grade reading list?
  109. How do I know my child has completed a grade?
  110. Playing catch up?
  111. Gradebook
  112. Homeschooling Schedule
  113. Assignment Scheduling
  114. I have a couple of Questions...?
  115. Daily schedules
  116. Supporting Books & Supplies?
  117. Grade Book
  118. Newbie: need help with LA and LAE
  119. Feeling overwhelmed
  120. Previewing Lessons
  121. New to the game of homeschooling please help
  122. Different levels for different subjects
  123. Are they done??
  124. What do you teach in Kindergarten?
  125. My daughter is having a problem with sight words and reading.
  126. Does my child need to do each lesson to pass onto 1st grade and beyond?
  127. What am I missing?
  128. Tests
  129. Kindergarten Curriculum
  130. not home schooling yet….need convincing
  131. District material
  132. How do you schedule your child's day?
  133. Thoughts on Multiplication
  134. Question
  135. Hands on Holiday Science
  136. Quiz check marks???
  137. Any good mobile apps for teaching children?
  138. Reading...Reading... Reading
  139. Frustrated with the 3rd Grade Math
  140. 2nd grader using 3rd grade science
  141. animated history lessons
  142. Kindergartener with anxiety
  143. Advice
  144. Any youtube channels?
  145. Where is test answers keys?
  146. Am I doing this correctly?
  147. is it good or bad to have joined classes?
  148. what to print to show proof of enrollment?
  149. Quiz answer key question
  150. Mastered vs Completed
  151. Any good music websites?
  152. feeling the overwhelming urge to homeschool
  153. What else do you do???
  154. need help from second grade parents
  155. Help...
  156. 2nd Grade Math and Reading Question
  157. Pen Pals
  158. From home schooling to public school
  159. School help?
  160. "Teacher Material" Activity Name in Scheduler...?
  161. Reading and writing supplements
  162. Homeschool groups, activities in the Katy, Richmond, Fulshear area
  163. Following activity scheduler
  164. Different login screens?
  165. Different interfaces for student login screens?
  166. Kindergarten Math Question
  167. 1st Grade Quiz: Knowledge of Compound and VCCV failure
  168. Dad is thinking pushing kids harder
  169. Common Core Alignment 3rd Grade Math
  170. What do you do when your child doesn't" pass" a quiz?
  171. At what age?
  172. New Member
  173. New Member
  174. Think & Respond with the Decodable Story - Confused
  175. Children cleaned up their rooms in record time
  176. 2nd grade social studies
  177. Spelling words - Second grade
  178. Frustrated with Public School, Homeschooling this summer, return to public
  179. Curious about 3rd grade...
  180. 1st Grade> Math>Spatial Sense
  181. Thank you!!!!
  182. Please Help
  183. So confused!
  184. 1st grade LA Extensions decodable books
  185. The little movies in grade 1 and 2
  186. 2nd Grade Language Arts: Odyssey Writer
  187. Anki Spaced Repetition Flashcards to Help with Retention- Collaboration
  188. Previewing a lesson AND a READ ALOUD program questions
  189. HS with my ASD son - new to this
  190. Having problems with next subjects!
  191. State Simulation test
  192. No Chapter Tests/ quizzes for LA 1st grade? So No "Mastered"
  193. What is 4-point check?
  194. Supplement questions...and other questions :)
  195. Activity Scheduler or is there another way?
  196. Writing sentences for 1st graders??
  197. 3rd grader struggling
  198. Help With 2nd Grade Creative Writing?
  199. 1st Grade Math Addition Facts??
  200. How much to you supplement?
  201. First Grade Decodable Stories
  202. How to use the Writing part of the program...
  203. Is there a way to lock all the subjects except the one you want your child to finish?
  204. New and need help
  205. Completed grade level/chapters
  206. How can I tell how far she is?
  207. New-Not sure what part of lesson plan to start with?
  208. New to homeschooling in IN ! so just enrolled my son who is in 2nd grade any advice ?
  209. Wanting to Homeschool
  210. Finished with Kindergarten halfway through the year. Do I move my daughter up to 1st?
  211. Is T4L Enough to stand alone?
  212. Slimy Swamp Animals Internet Link Doesn't Work
  213. Question about 1st grade science
  214. program advice
  215. fact families?
  216. 2nd Grade History and Geography
  217. Is there a way for my kids to test "past" some lessons
  218. new to homeschool scotland
  219. Hi, I'm new here and need a little help
  220. First Grade Math
  221. Activity Lesson
  222. Multiple Levels/Scheduling
  223. Having trouble finding answer keys for 3rd grade quizzes (Science specifically atm)
  224. How many lessons are in 3rd grade?
  225. how do you get assignments to show up?
  226. Considering LA grade 5 but have questions
  227. 2nd grader, what do you do for spelling??? Suggestions Please.
  228. How can I see what she's done vs. what needs to be done?
  229. How long does your kiddo do school per day?
  230. STAR testing on Long Island, NY
  231. Question about Activity schedules and reports
  232. Help with Reviewing Test Answers
  233. Question - third grade math - LA #3332
  234. Fifth Grade Social Studies Answer key?
  235. New here, and I have some questions
  236. Question - third grade math - perimeter and area unit
  237. Having trouble using mouse
  238. First Grade Social Studies?
  239. Links to more information - 3rd grade LA Extensions
  240. Question - Science Guide Materials/Social Studies W/S
  241. Why does my child pretend they don't know things they clearly do know?
  242. How does this work
  243. 1st grade teacher not answering emails and avoid direct conversation
  244. First week, a few questions
  245. My son can trace lettes, but isn't able to write them on his own
  246. New user questions
  247. Perfect